Updates Across The Internet On Web Marketing For Small Businesses

by David Jenyns

The way I see it, there are two types of business owners – the quick and the dead :)

Which one are you?

You need to evolve quickly and that’s what The Small Business Internet Marketing Weekly summarises: news and helpful links for small/medium sized business owners.

So here’s what’s news this week.

7 link building mistakes {remember to replicate what happens naturally}

Unnatural link warnings and blog networks {here’s a recap if you missed it}

SEO should be invisible {a good remind with the recent shakeup}

Matt Cutts @ Korea webmaster conference {right from the horse’s mouth}

SEO’s guide to video hosting and embedding {we’re getting great wins with video}

Connected TVs {we’re still at the start of this trend}

Google glasses {Google’s vision of the future}


And then there’s our news and I’m happy to report we’ve been mega busy :)

Apart from fixing up other people’s botched SEO, MelbourneVideoProduction.com.au had a big release with the launch of the Scott Pendlebury’s App (an ALF superstar). We partnered with MasterClass to deliver all the videos and it looks like it’s a huge success – we debuted @ #2 in the app store :)

Check it out here:

Oh and we also, opened up our studio for hire:

And we’re about to release a new secret project:

As always, we’re here to help, so post a message in the comments section below or submit a ticket at www.DaveSupports.com.

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