How was your week? I’ve actually been a little “under the pump” lately because I’m getting married in 2 weeks and you’d never guess how much work there is in planning a wedding! And it’s my bucks weekend, this weekend too… but I digress I’m sure you don’t want to know about my private life 😛

So, as you can imagine there’s lots of news in the world of internet marketing. Here’s what’s important for the small and medium sized business owner (you) this week:

Racing Penguin: How to Attack Unnatural Links Before Penguin Hits {must read}

Penguin 2.0 Forewarning: The Google Perspective on Links {fun fun fun}

Google Places Is Being Upgraded To Google+ Local {embrace change}

Google Local Bible For SMBs {good tips}

The Best SEO Firms Will Practice What They Preach {yes we do}

Landing Page Optimization: How To Identify Testing Opportunities {you should be doing this}

The huge WordPress attacks could spawn never-before-seen super botnet

WordPress Plugin Social Media Widget Hiding Spam {stay safe}

SpaceX: Entrepreneur’s Race To Space {Elon Musk is facinating}

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Amazing Motivational Story {wow}

WordCamp Melbourne {I’m speaking, come say “hi”}

Missed the Dan Lok interview? {worth the listen!}

And how about our news?

#1. Our 2 new packages have proved popular.
SEO starter pack:

Penguin/Panda audits:

#2. We officially launched The SEO Method 3. Have you got your copy?

#3. I’ve posted some fantastic videos on YouTube about entrepreneurship:

#4. Finally, did you see that rave reviews booklet? How could you model something like this in your business? Grab a copy to see what I mean:

Ok that’s it for me… off to a suit fitting for the big day!

Your SEO Coach,

By the way, I thought you might like my last Europe travelling video – come visit Spain with me. Sidenote: this is where I’d live if I were a super villain 😉

Also, we had a funny shoot for the other day. Check out the star of the show below. I had to mind him for a bit in the office!

WordPress attacks

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