If you’re not constantly building backlinks to your website, then you’re not focusing your off-page SEO in the right area.

Backlinks should be occupying the majority of your SEO time and a great way to build them is by getting articles written and submitted to article directories. Below we look at how you can do that effectively.

Article Directory Submission

There are specific sites that are set up to publish your articles and allow you to include a backlink to your site.

A couple of the larger article directories are EzineArticles and Go Articles and both have submission guidelines listed clearly on their sites for writers to follow when uploading their content.

The basic premise is that they exchange your content for a backlink in a win-win relationship.

A good strategy is to choose a few different submission sites and submit at least one article per week, because SEO works best when it is an ongoing effort of organic growth; this tends to be more effective than infrequent bursts of content.

If you don’t have someone in-house who can do this then outsource it; there are plenty of writers like available on contractor sites oDesk and Elance where you can get SEO articles written at affordable rates..

Link To What?

When you insert links into your posts try to mix where you link to: use both the home page and “deep links” to other pages of your website. This demonstrates to the search engines that your site has depth to its relevance – not only the main page.

Do Google Updates Affect The Value of Article Submission?

Article submission is still effective even with the Panda update.

Some people have argued that the recent Google “Panda updates” have shaken up search engine rankings so much that it’s no longer clear what the value of article writing is.

We disagree. A backlink is a backlink and Google would be silly to abandon the value of backlinks any time soon; it is simply the best way to judge the authority levels of a site at present.

What it has done is penalise some of the actual publishing sites like EzineArticles; but if you are still getting your backlink then how does that really affect you, if your main concern is getting your website to Number 1, not the publisher’s site?

Google always wants to remain one step ahead and provide the most relevant results for search terms; they do want to weed out some of the “junk” on the web and reward sites that provide quality, authority and credibility. Until something changes dramatically, building backlinks is still the best way for you to go about this.

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