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Read on to find out why we’re extremely glad we’re using Article Marketing Automation as part of our SEO method.

Do you want to get more links to your site, increase your link diversity and add content to some of your broader sites? You can do all of these things by joining Article Marketing Automation, a blog network that allows users to publish content on each other’s blogs. It is a user created blog network. Every site that is in the network is a WordPress site that takes on content created by users. This means there is a very large spread of hosts, IP addresses and WhoIs information.

This network of blogs is supplied by its members of internet marketers. All the members can then submit their articles and these are posted on niche related blogs within the system. Imagine a link to your gardening site appearing over a couple of months on thirty gardening related blogs that have no connection whatever. They all have different IP addresses, different registered domain owners and different content. These links carry a lot of Google love because they appear so natural. 

The search engines have to assume these blogs are linking to your content because they believe visitors will find it useful. As a result, your PR shoots up dramatically.

Article Marketing Automation could be the single most effective traffic generation tool available online. You easily increase your completely free search engine traffic and deliver your content to over 10,000 active blogs.

By allowing users to publish content on each other’s blogs, the blog owners receive fresh content and the content publishers receive links back to their sites, helping them to rank higher in the search engines. You not only receive direct traffic from your article submissions, you also increase the link juice to your sites from the links in the articles you submit and receive ongoing fresh content for your sites that you have added to the network.

Article Marketing Automation rank results for customers in 2011.

The articles may take longer to write but the benefits are ten times better than normal articles. You put an article into the system and have every version of the article that goes out unique, and for that you get to place a link in your article anywhere within the body of the text so there are no footprints for it. Your article is slowly fed out over sixty days to the sites in the network that are looking for content in that category. It means you get in content links anywhere between 120 to 240 websites for each article you put out.

You can also automatically have it so that you can vary the anchor text link that goes to each one by using spinning methods. AMA has proprietary spinning software that allows you to spin your article into several unique copies rather than submit the exact same copy to multiple sites. Google devalues duplicate content, and the links in duplicate content will be devalued as well. So this spinning feature is important to help your links maintain their effectiveness.

One extra advantage of AMA is that you are allowed to have affiliate links directly in your articles, where other article directories like Ezine Articles do not allow this.

We use AMA at Melbourne SEO Services to grab page rank and climb the search engines. Why don’t you join this very effective internet article marketing system to boost your rankings by clicking the link below?

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