I talked about the Authority Content at the WP Consultant Workshop

I talked about the Authority Content method at the WP Consultant Workshop

You’ve got a great product and/or service and now you just need to get your message out to those who could most benefit from what you’re selling. So how do you do that?

Social media
Direct mail

For us, the answer used to be SEO. The return of investment for your marketing dollar just couldn’t be beat – you’d give me $1 and I’d give you $5 in return. But, as the web and Google evolves, the work required to get great SEO results has increased and therefore the costs have gone up too. Now, to get a great ROI on your money with SEO, you need to layer in multiple benefits.

So what’s your most effective advertising strategy?

For us, we’ve been developing our “Authority Content” method (it’s like SEO on steroids) and it’s where I’m currently investing the majority of our marketing budget. And I’m not the only one, we’ve even started rolling it out with a few others like Andrew Griffiths, Troy Dean and some of our top clients.

Basically we’re taking what I shared at the Authority Content Workshop and following it step-by-step. At this stage, the method hasn’t gone mainstream and we’ve got about 60 people who have reviewed the pre-release recordings from the workshop – a few of whom have already started taking action.

I’m wondering if you might consider doing the same?

I’m actually looking for some business owners (maybe you) to work with to get some great case studies. You see, I’ve decided to turn the Authority Content method into a book and one of the big things I’d like to have are some fully worked case study examples of the method applied to real world businesses.

Imagine that, having me work with you, one-on-one to build you up as an authority in your niche – documenting the process and ensuring your success. Obviously, I’ll do whatever it takes to ensure you smash it of off the park since it’s not going to make a very good case study if you don’t 😉

Are you interested in being a case study in my new book?

Here are the 3 steps to qualify:

– You get a copy of the Authority Content Workshop
– You’re committed to following the process through, step-by-step
– You document the process, every step of the way

What you’ll get in return?

– I’ll work with you one-on-one to ensure your success
– I’ll get you extra exposure to my database and community
– You’ll become an authority in your niche and attract more clients and business than ever before

Just message me if you’re interested and we can talk through how it’s all going to work. I’m still figuring out the details but I just wanted to see if you’re interested first.

And now, here’s the news I spotted this week – sorry, with the workshop, I haven’t been as active as normal, but I spotted a few things:

No More Profile Photos In Google’s Search Results

Good story about being passionate and the $ will follow

The Bottom Line Value of Design

Google’s virtual reality machine

And how about our news?

#1. Troy Dean’s WordPress Consultant Masterclass was a hit. We had 30+ attendees come for a day to discover the exact process Troy uses to win big jobs. It was actually really interesting to see how these strategies could apply to any service based business.

My session on Authority Content was extremely well received and we’ve decided to apply the Authority Content process to Troy’s workshop – it’ll be a great case study! Remember, if you’re keen to work together, let me know and we can do the same in your business.

#2. MelbourneVideo.com.au has been signed up again to be a key sponsor of the Key Person of Influence events in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. It’s an exciting honour. I’ll actually be sharing a little more about their events shortly. I’ve been really impressed with what they’re doing.

#3. We’ve got a new sales consultant! It’s exciting to welcome to the team, Camille. I think this is a great step for us and gives me a chance to step back and focus on where I add the most value. Creating the strategies and developing our products / services.

#4. We’ve got 2 new home study courses we’re about to launch: the Authority Content Workshop and Andrew Griffiths’ Speakers Business course. We’re using both Infusionsoft and Optimisepress 2. So, if you need a hand setting up membership sites, let us know, we’re getting really, really good at it.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. I hope to hear from you soon.


David Jenyns

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