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We’re now using the Black Magic 4K to create amazing videos and content!

How’s business? As you know I’m always chatting with lots of different business owners and it seems like some industries are booming while others are tanking. How’s yours?

I hope you’re booming.

And if you’re not, one thing I’ve learnt in business (a long time ago) no matter what the economy is doing, there are always pockets of opportunity. The skill is to be able to spot these trends and pivot as needed.

The fact is, if you pick a good opportunity, often times you don’t even need to be good, you just have to be there.

Heck, SEO is a great example! So many SEOs confused their “skill level” with just being at the right place at the right time. And it wasn’t until we saw the industry change that we’re really starting to see who knew what they were doing.

We’ve stayed ahead of the curve using what we call the Authority Content strategy – and although it sounds like a fancy name – at it’s core it’s about becoming a helpful business. It’s about creating great content that captures attention, engages and builds authority.

It’s a combination of great SEO, content marketing and market leadership.

Take my word for it – to have say staying power, and continued success online you need to swap to this sort of model. I know, I know some will say… “but that takes more time, more money and more effort!” But let me ask you this, “what’s the alternative?”

Applying old strategies don’t work anymore.

It’s time to evolve. So how can I help you? I know we’ve been emailing for a while now, maybe it’s time we have a quick chat and get your marketing on track?

At the very least we’re editing the recordings from our recent Authority Content Workshop – maybe I can hook you up with a copy? At least you’ll be on the right track then.

Anyway, give me a buzz on 1300 662 979 or send me an email.

And now, onto the news, here’s a collection from a few weeks now:

Google Panda 4.0 Now Rolling Out; A New Panda Algorithm {yup another!}

Google Hits eBay With Manual Penalty In Search Results {no one’s safe}

On MetaFilter Being Penalized By Google {evolve or die out}

The Greatest Misconception in Content Marketing {excellent!}

Adopting A Data Driven Approach To Increase Website Traffic {important}

How to work less and make more money with dentist Paddi Lund {great interview}

How to Automate Link Building {I’m in this round up post}

SEO Giants Share Best Secrets Marketing Success {and another round up!}

And how about our news? Whew, lots going on.

#1. Check out an interview I did with Pete Williams about how we both sold the Melbourne Cricket Ground {great story}

#2. I was asked to do a podcast with Troy Dean for his WP Elevation community – it contains some of my most recent thinking around online marketing:

#3. I already mentioned about our Authority Content Workshop getting sold out. It’s always great to catch up with some long time clients and share what we’ve been working on. Watch out for the recordings.

#4. Getting some amazing feedback on my session from Dale Beaumont’s Business Blueprint. Have you watched it yet? Even if you have to use one of those download plugins so you can load it to your smart phone. It’ll be worth it:

#5. Our video business cards are taking off! See what they’re all about here:

#6. My next speaking gig is quickly approaching. I’ve been asked to speak at Pro Blogger’s event in Brisbane! So exciting they’re expecting 500+ people! Woohoo!

And finally a little celebrity gossip 😛

We’ve just about finished our latest project with the “Twins from the Block”, watch the sneak peek here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMAgjTCs-G0

And that’s it! I know sometimes my emails are like drinking from a firehose but believe it or not this is the condensed version. I scour the internet picking out only the most important bits for you. In short, an hour or two reviewing my emails are like spending 2-3 days trawling through the internet.

Your online marketing coach,


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