Don’t go fully automated.

Have you ever wondered whether using automated SEO tools are blackhat or spammy? We’d probably both agree you should avoid blackhat techniques right? However, we also want to make things as easy as possible too.

Here’s how we look at it – we think a certain level of automation is ok – as long as there’s some human input into a semi automated tool. Let’s look at a couple of examples to explain.

Generating fully auto posting blogs, scraping content from other sites using SEO software, just to create a feeder site that you can use to funnel page rank back to your primary sites is probably a little on the blackhat or spammy side of things.

On the flip side, as mentioned, semi automated tools with some level of input are, however, in our eyes, acceptable. For example, we use a service called Unique Article Wizard which helps us submit our articles to a series of second tier article directories. We submit a good quality, unique article once and then this semi automated service submits it to other sites for us. Sounds ok right?

It’s only when you take a completely hands off approach, it becomes dodgy.

When you think about it, when automated SEO tools start popping up, it’s a good sign that the industry is evolving. It’s an indication that the industry is gaining recognition because people want to deal more efficiently with it. In this way, automation isn’t a bad thing. It just needs to be used more wisely.

What do you think? Submit your comments below or if you’re keen on starting your own SEO campaign using the best legitimate techniques, you might want to go ahead and contact our SEO experts.

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