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Video Transcript: So how do we keep you on the cutting edge of what’s going on? You want to have a look at, if you’ve got an iPhone, use an app called Reader, but you can use Google Reader. Whatever it is, what I would start to do is pick out what are the biggest blogs in your industry and become a market challenger after knowing a lot of ins and outs in your niche. So what are the blogs where people are talking about what is going on in your business? You can get what is called an XML feed, it’s just a link, a url. You copy and paste that into your Google Reader. What it does, it just collates all of those blogs into one place. So instead of having to look at five hundred different websites, you can go to one place and read all of the news about what is going on in your industry.

Let’s actually jump over and have a quick look. This is in my Google Reader. Basically under here, I’ve put it into different categories on the left here. Basically I’ve got a little SEO section and you can see here are all of the different websites that I’ve got under SEO. I’m trying to keep up to date with what is going on in SEO.

So I put them under this one category and then on my iPhone I can have a look and I get all of these little news reports. I don’t read the newspaper like most [people read the news. I read through Google News because I can really tailor what news I’m consuming. Certain things aren’t of interest to me and other things are much more important. I want to know what’s going on in SEO, I want to know what’s going on in web 2.0, I’ve got my own sites and things like that.

So basically I’ll sift through on my phone and I’ll scan through what’s going on. Now how can you use that information? It’s great for putting it in your own blogs, it’s great for re tweeting it out, it shows you’re on the cutting edge. What does a market leader do? A market leader breaks news. As news is breaking, they help disseminate that info. This is important, you need to be listening to this. So that’s why I do it and it’s great.

Another way which we talked about is making sure that you use Google Alerts to be a good market follower. So through Google Alerts, you can set whatever you’re big key words are that are most important to you. Set it in Google Alerts so you get notification. As it happens, you can react to that information. Now we got to the Old Spice commercial a little bit too late. I don’t know when we did that. It was probably a good few months ago when we launched that Old Spice parody. But the video for Old Spice had been around. It was a year old by the time we got to it.

We still got some good watches for it and some great feedback. But what would have been better is if as that was breaking, if we did the parody then. Then we would have ridden in the slipstream of that video and it blowing up and everybody getting media attention and all that type of thing. So you want to try and make sure, that’s why you use Google Reader and Alerts. If you can create content around what is happening, that’s really where you get the benefit. It’s almost like they say in the stock market, all boats rise on a floating tide. So this idea of everybody can make money when the stock market is going up.

Similarly you just get dragged along with it if there’s media attention going on or something like that and you’re riding around that topic, you just get dragged up with it, just because you’re focusing on an area that is growing. So that’s how I keep in front of that.

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