Using some of the best article directories around is great way to drive traffic to your site, both by linking directly to your website and by creating links that can help your SEO ranking. But did you know that you can use the articles you already have to generate content for new and expanded articles?

Through the use of PLR, or Product Label rights, you can have articles rewritten for redistribution. You can use your own articles, or you can purchase other articles that have already been written, then edit them and add your own content (and any extra content, if they’re your own articles) and release them on article directories.

There are plenty of article directories out there, among them (get ready for this) ArticleDirectory.com, ArticleDashboard.com and ArticleKing.com. Each of these can provide you not only with the links back from your own article to your site that can help your SEO ranking, but with new content as well as each of these sites already has thousands of articles on numerous topics.

Article directories can be extremely helpful once you’re beyond ranking for your primary keyword. For your main search phrase or keyword, Ezinearticles.com and sites like that are the best places to start (for more on ezinearticles.com click here).

However, it’s entirely possible to take the articles you’ve used previously and expand on them. Edit and flesh them out to make the article suited to the phrases you’re currently working on.

For example, if your first tier keyword is “teapot” and your second tier keyword is “porcelain teapot”, you can take one of your previous articles on teapots and edit it to suit your needs, and then submit it to different article directories. You can use these articles to link back to your main site or to any of your internal pages.

Submission to the best article directories is one part of the full plan for your optimisation available from Melbourne SEO Services. Either contact us to see how we can “do it for you” or grab yourself a copy of www.theSEOmethod.com and discover our secrets for yourself.

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