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Video Transcript: In this session, we’re going to be talking about landing page optimization. I think what I’m going to be showing you here is one of the most important things that a lot of SEO people overlook. You can drive a certain amount of traffic to a website and sometimes it’s just easier to make sure your landing page optimization is done quite well so you can increase your conversion rate.

A conversion rate going from 1% to 2%, you just have doubled the value of the traffic that you’re getting. It’s really important to make sure you focus on improving your landing pages to make sure that they convert as that can sometimes be a lot easier than writing a whole host of new articles to go after another keyword. So that is what I am going to delve into.

Landing page. What is a landing page first of all? A landing page is a page anywhere on your site where a person will land. So they’ve typed in a keyword and they land on your web page. No matter where they land, if it is a deep page or a home page, that can be the best landing page. You want to make sure that you optimize all the pages on your website, and when I talk about optimize, I mean for usability. When I talk about landing page optimization, I’m talking about usability as opposed to on page SEO optimization.

You want to make sure that you optimize every page because I think the statistics are that 50% of all traffic ends up on your internal pages, on those deep pages. So just optimizing your home page isn’t good enough. You need to make sure that those deep pages are optimized.

A lot of people will not have that clear outcome that we talked about what it is that the page needs to be doing or what it is that your objective is for that page. They’ll offer the user a whole host of different choices. The problem with that is, if you give someone too many choices, they don’t know what choice to take and then they ultimately choose nothing. So you do want to have for every page, you want to have one outcome in mind: you want them to buy, you want them to enter their email details into the opt in form, whatever the case may be, you just want to make sure you know what that outcome is.

Then also you optimize your landing page based on the traffic source. This is a little bit to do with both where the traffic is coming from. There are other ways to drive traffic than just SEO, there is a whole host of paid sources as well and in addition to that, linking a little bit into what Nick was saying, when we were talking about trying to match the idea of what is the user’s intention that they had when they first visited your website and meeting them at that level and giving them what they wanted.

So if they were looking for a particular thing, it doesn’t necessarily need to be super slick or anything like that, you need to meet them at that level and understand who your searcher is. It can be really helpful, in fact this is one of the first things that I do when I’m doing some coaching with different people. I did it with Ben and his company StoryLab.

One of the first things we did is, we mapped out what his perfect client would look like. We gave them a name, we said how old they were, we wrote down what their frustrations were, we pretty much mapped out this person so that whenever he wrote any copy for his website, he would think about that person and write his copy to that person. The best landing page are is effective as you come at it thinking who it is that you’re writing to.

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