It has been another week and if you are managing a small or medium-sized business, you know how important it is to always be in the know. Good thing for you is I always keep my eyes wide open for the best internet marketing news around the web.

Here’s what I spotted this week:


Facebook has declared war on Google {this is going to change the SEO game}

Google’s first Panda refresh in 2013 {another reason you need the SEO method 3}

Holy Grail of eCommerce conversion optimization {very cool}

Internet 2012 in numbers {the internet is integral with the future of business}

The Perfect Backlink {a great aricle by Ed Dale and his team at the Immediate Edge}

Should you run job ads or pay a finders fee when hiring virtual workers? {short audio}

Dick Smith’s banned video {I like cheeky marketing}

And as for our news.

#1. The SEO Method 3 is alive. Have you checked it out yet? It’s without doubt the best SEO course available to help you survive and thrive in a post Penguin and Panda world. SEO is changing and unless you update your methods your website will suffer.

#2. I’m about to go into lock down mode as I start to prepare for the Outsourcing Profit Machine 2 workshop. I’m excited to share how outsourcing has now become the single biggest leverage point in my business, and more importantly, how attendees can duplicate my success. If you missed out on your ticket, be sure to watch of for the recordings!

Your SEO Coach,

Ps. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go up the Eiffel Tower? Check this out: www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUlnu5fKJ08

PPs. Here’s an email someone just sent me about the SEO Method 3.

“What a course! An actionable SEO methodology, checklists and analysis tools, information to help SEO agencies deliver a better service, AND a market leadership strategy, all in the one membership site.

Incredible value from an incredible team! (As always!)” – Jacki Kearslake.

best SEO course

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