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Video Transcript: Question: As you’re commenting and doing all these blog networks and so on, is it important to have people commenting back on your blog site? You had a hundred comments on your blog, and obvious blogging activity, does that mean you’re more special now because of that?

David: Yes, good question. I think over time it will. At the moment, no. The aim of the game is all about getting links building in. But over time, think about it from in Google’s eyes. If you’re getting lots of comments and people are engaging and all that type of thing, in Google’s eyes, that would mean that you’re more of an authority, you’re more popular. So I think over time that will become more and more of an indicator.

They clearly know that Facebook is currently a huge competitor for them and Facebook is getting more traffic on a daily basis now than Google does. It’s a different type of traffic because usually when you go to Facebook, it’s about engaging in community whereas Google is about I have a problem that I’m looking to solve. But Facebook and Google are now going head to head. Google knows that they’re a big competitor and they’ve just come out literally in the last couple of weeks and launched their Google Plus.

This is their shot at trying to take Facebook down. They’ve come out with their own little social networking website. I think that is a clear sign that Google knows that social is where it’s at. I think we’re already starting to see more social media dashboard and social indicators coming into the algorithms and influencing search. So when someone tweets about you and re tweets, that will become important. I think what your friends are saying about particular products and services and how many people like pages is important.

Facebook came out with their like button and that’s getting incorporated over into Bing. Google and Facebook are head to head arch nemeses so Facebook just didn’t want to hand over the data. But they’ve gone over to Google’s biggest competitor and done a deal with them instead. So I think we’re going to see more and more of those things but at the moment not so much.

There’s another question up the front here.

Question: I don’t know if you’re going to cover this elsewhere and it’s not so much about building links but regularity of content. Local business often tend to put up a couple of pages and just leave it. Do you think that putting up regular content is more of a ranking factor now?

David: I think as far as adding that regular content, when we made the decision and we shifted away from the stock market niche. I haven’t changed that Metaformula website probably in about three years now. I’ve made very few changes and the rankings still hold very strongly. So I don’t think it’s a requirement that you add fresh content, I think that is a little bit of a myth. A lot of people think that you have to add fresh content to your website to have it ranking.

That said though, building more pages is always a good idea. In the search engines they say every new page that you have is another ticket in the search engine lottery. If you imagine every page that we’re creating, we’re optimizing for a new keyword. So the more pages that we have, the more chance we’ve got for coming up for keywords. So it’s always a good idea to keep building as much content as you can. Big sites always win out in the search engines, so the bigger your site the better. So the more that you can keep adding pages, the better off you’re going to be.

That’s particularly why ecommerce sites do so well. I think Planet 13 is one of my most trafficked websites. We have probably, 3 -4,000 products on there and every product has its own page. So it does particularly well in the search engines because we’ve got a lot of pages on it. So more pages is better.

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