I’ve been thinking about your business recently and I’m curious, as an entrepreneur, how do you know what to work on at any point in time? We all know there are typically 100 million things you ‘could be’ doing but typically only 2-3 things you ‘should be’ focusing on.

These are the 2-3 things that will have the biggest impact.

But what makes this hard to identify is that it’s different for every business. It depends on where you are in the business growth cycle.

So the question remains “how do you decide what to focus/work on?”

For most business owners it’s “whatever is the biggest fire” – who knows, that might even be the way you do it. Either way, you’d agree that’s not the most effective strategy ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, I’ve been doing some thinking around how I identify what to work on and I thought you might find it helpful.

Ok, so the process is actually quite simple, I just ask myself “what would break first if I got x10 the number of clients I have today, tomorrow?” I imagine my business with the flood of new clients and then mentally work through the flow from start to finish to see, in the chain of events, what would break down first.

Once I’ve identified the first few items, I get to work! Now, I have a few other calculations I add into the mix but that’s the crux of it. In this way, you’re always working on the most important business bottlenecks.

Anyway, it’s a useful method and one I thought you might like ๐Ÿ˜€ Have a go, set aside an hour and think through the process. Once you’ve picked out your top 2-3 items I’d love to hear about how it worked for you. Just message me back.

With that said and done, let’s get started with the news:

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And how about our news?

#1. We sponsored and ran a workshop at the Government Communications Australia Conference here in Melbourne. Basically I was asked to teach local councils how to setup their own TV channel using YouTube. If that sounds like something of interest, email me and I’ll see if I can get you copy of the recordings.

#2. We recently ran a competition for the Key Person of Influence attendees where they could win a free “You Story” video from Melbourne Video Production (valued at $1695). Anyway, the announced it from stage, I recorded it and thought I’d extend the offer to you. Simple watch the video: www.trackinglinks.wistia.com/medias/tv1e5m7g0v

Write out what your pitch for your video, email me back and I’ll put you in the draw! Note: even though we’re called Melbourne Video Production (we’ve expanded and now service Sydney and Brisbane too).

#3. I’ve just been invited to speak at two more events for this year. Dale Beaumont’s platinum group conference in Sydney and Darren Rowse’s Problogger event. I just wanted to mention if you’re at either event be sure to reach out. I’d love to catch up and will buy you a drink.

Check out Problogger’s event page here:

#4. You may or may not know but I’ve recently moved down the coast and much of our team now works virtually. Now we’re looking to move the office. Ideally just somewhere where we can setup a video room and meet every week or two.

So, if you’re in Richmond, South Yarra or around that area (Victoria, Australia), and have some extra office space, we could be a good fit. In fact, if you like the idea of cranking out some regular videos, we could be perfect for each other. I’d be happy to work out a deal so you can use all of our equipment and we’d have a shared video room. Just email back if you’re interested.

Anyway, think it’s time we both got back to work!

Your SEO Coach,

Have you updated your SEO strategies yet? Remember SEO has changed. I’ll be running a workshop shortly to share what’s working now but if you’d just prefer us to take care of everything, check out: www.melbourneseoservices.com/authority-seo

SEO has changed

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