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Video Transcript: Now at the moment we’re just collecting the opt in and then I’m building the relationship up over time and that’s what we use the free Manifesto for. So if you want to see what that looks like, it’s really simple. In fact if you head to melbourneseosevices.com you can just sign up for the Manifesto to see what one looks like. It’s really simple though. Every business should have a report like this and if you can’t do a report then that’s fine, then maybe it’s a video series. Business marketing ideas differ for every company. Just give them something that will encourage them to give you their email address. It’s just a little ten page document that we send out. This one is all about the importance of getting to the top of Google.

So I start off with why it’s important, that whole idea of your clients are looking for you on Google and unless you’re there, they’re going to your competition. Then I say here’s how it’s done. It’s four stages, we use keyword research and market research. We then do website optimization which is the onpage optimization you learnt just before. Then we do link building which is another thing that you’ve learnt. Then we finish up with reporting, ongoing SEO and testing. So it just takes them through the process.

For the person who reads this, for the first half, more than the first half, just about the entire report, it’s not about me, it’s about them. I’m not there pitching my product, I’m not doing anything. I’m giving them a good, valuable report that if they decide to do business with us or not, it’s going to help them long term. I’m just telling them, here’s how you do good SEO. That’s really what you want to do. I think just recently we’ve worked on one with my photography coaching client. We’re putting together one, Seven Things that You Must Know Before Selecting a Photographer. What he’s doing there is, the seven things are things like, make sure they’ve got experience, make sure they’ve got this, this and this. So basically he goes through these seven questions that you should ask a photographer before you do business with them. Then at the end of the report, that’s when he introduces the business. That is one form of effective business marketing ideas.

So after that, then I have five characteristics to look for when selecting an SEO company. It’s still not about me at this point in time. Make sure they’ve got ethical and transparent procedures, make sure they’ve got a proven track record, tailored service, end to end management, expert, professional and timely. That’s five characteristics. Then I finish up with introducing Melbourne SEO Services. If you want to have a look at that during the break or you can just sign up and then download it.

You want to get inside the client’s head. It’s about them, it’s not about you. The magical numbers, this is just from a copywriting point of view, 3s,5s and 7s. So if you’re going to give five reasons why, three reasons why, seven reasons why, they’ve done testing and those are the numbers that seem to stick out for people. Then introduce your business at the end and remember the calls to action.

Now we’ve done another cool little thing, I suppose I almost call it a video report. As they go through the report as well, you’ll see there are little screen shots here. It says click here to play. So they click that and then it takes them to the YouTube video. If they print it out, obviously they can’t click the button, but I send it to them in a pdf report. So if they’re reading it online and they’re not a reader, then I’m getting those multi modes of communication. I’m hitting them on video and I’m hitting it on reading as well. So it’s a great way for people to get to know who we are.

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