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Video Transcript: So from there, the next thing that you want to do is draw out your team map. So figure out what you’re business looks out, then you want to build out your team map. For me, the whole aim of the game is to build a business that can work without me. The main core areas that I focus on, you’ll be looking at marketing, operations and fulfillment. I’ve got a few little sub categories underneath there and if you can grab them now fantastic, if you can’t I’m going to make a recording of these and I’ll also get you the slides afterwards.

Underneath each one, so marketing, you need to generate leads, you’ve got conversion, focusing on repeat sales, making sure that you watch your reputation. For fulfillment, you’re looking at building up your support, creating new products, delivery and then under operations, things like financials, legal, tech, human resources, that type of thing.

So you need to figure out for the business that I just drew this map for, what is the business staff I would need to run it? So who would I actually need to hire ? Now to start off, you’re probably going to, under all of these different roles, you put you, you, you, next to every position. If you’ve seen Rich Schefren has got a report, The Internet Business Manifesto and he did this map at the start talking about why most businesses fail. He did an organizational chart where the person’s name was over everything. Here’s everything that you’re supposed to be doing to build a business and you’re supposed to be doing everything, how are you getting anything done?

The real key takeaway for there for me was you need to build a team to plug in. Initially you are going to be the one dealing directly with the client. I still chat with clients and I do a lot of that type of work. But you want to build that out first and then start to think in your head, oh, who should I hire first? There’s a whole method for that and if you want to find out more about outsourcing and building a team, of course check out the outsourcing course.

The idea is to build out that plan first and have that real step by step. Sally has just recently joined the team and that was another reason for coming up here and running the workshop because I thought that it would be a great training day for Sally. This idea of Sally was in order of who I was hiring. We started off, some of the support needed to be handled, all our customer support work needed to be handled so that was one of the first hires. Then I wanted to get the core components of the business outsourced, so we built a few more business staff members who are over in the Philippines.

Then underneath that, then we started to say video, I want to do more video but we can’t really outsource video. There are a lot of big files backwards and forwards. We got Adrian and we have another video guy as well, Ben. Then we needed to look at the real financials. You need to get the financials down very early on and Sally has come on board for that.

Another hire that’s coming shortly after Sally will be the marketing person. Now that I’ve got all that back end work sorted, now we just want to crank it. It’s almost like now this is built out. The aim of the game, this is all automated and I’ll show you how we automate it in some of the sessions as we move through. Because this is all automated now, the aim of the game is let’s tip as many people in the top of this funnel as possible and then just let it all drip through the automatic process. The autoresponders and follow up sequences and emails, all of that is in there right now. I drop people in here, they get introduced to everything that I do, the fulfillment house ships everything out so I don’t have to do anything and that’s how you build a business.

You need to think about who you’re going to hire and in what order. Most people get this wrong. I know I’m only going to spend this first session on this and it’s probably the least fun part. It will be fun to talk about different video strategies and all this type of thing but this is how you build a business. So do more of that.

The performance of your team can make or break the success of your business. Each team member must know how to do their individual tasks well. Do you need my help on this? Try this page to know more.

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