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I was in New Zealand for a speaking gig when I got the idea of holding a business system workshop.


I think I know what’s holding you and your business back from getting to the next level – it used to hold me back too.

I’ve been doing some deep thinking and reviewing some of my biggest breakthroughs and I keep coming back to the same thing – the biggest thing holding you back is…

“You don’t have the right processes and procedures in place to get stuff done.”

Without these documents, you will never be able to have other team members do the work and you’ll forever be stuck working “in” the business. It’s the difference between a solo entrepreneur and one who builds a business that works without him/her.

Getting this right is so critical that I’ve decided I need to run a business system workshop. I want to show you the exact steps we went through and how to systemise your business.

In the past I’ve had numerous people often comment how system orientated I am… from marketing, to staffing, to accounting, to product delivery. It’s only recently that I’ve recognised how important this is for all business – even yours!

I know, it’s not as sexy as SEO, video, outsourcing, product launches – but it’s perhaps the most important and without it you’ll never have the breakthrough you’re looking for.

Anyway, this is a topic I’m super passionate about and I’m curious, is this something you’d be interested in finding out more about? I’m going to run the workshop in Melbourne and I’ll only have a few spots for those interested.

Please message me back. Just say “yes” and I’ll put together some more details for you over the weekend. And even if you can’t make it I’ll record it for you too.

Also, here’s some interesting news items I spotted for you:

And how about our news?

Anyway, lots going on and very excited about the business system workshop – let me know if you’re keen and I’ll send you more details.

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