Just do it!

Being a perfectionist is great in some areas, but I find that when it comes to business video making, it can be used as a reason not to do anything at all!

The only thing worse for your business than bad web video is no web video, so it can often be a case of biting the bullet and just getting started.

Typical Reasons Not To Start

We hear many reasons why businesses have not yet started a web video strategy:

  • “We don’t have the right equipment”
  • “We haven’t found the right video production company to help us”
  • “We’re waiting for the end of the financial year”
  • “We just need to get “this” out of the way …then we’ll….”
  • “We want to read up a bit/go on a course/find some tutorials so that we get it right…”
  • “We are working on a strategy now” 

Just Do It!

Our advice to any business that finds itself uttering any of the above is “Just do it.”

The point is – your video does not need to be perfect and wasting time by waiting for the perfect moment to start…which may never come…is harming your business.

Get started now – make your mistakes now – and everything else will follow!

The Trading Systems And Melbourne SEO Example

You will probably find, like we did, that our first videos were our worst. When I look back on old trading videos I made of me in front of a webcam in the bedroom, I cringe. A lot of the 300 plus videos were not exactly masterpieces but many received between 20,000 and 35,000 views!

Even the early Melbourne SEO videos, of which there are now over 500, weren’t the best. The point is that it’s the message and the information that counts, more than the quality of the video or presentation skills.

Every business will go through it and the sooner you get started the sooner you will start to polish your skills. Technology allows you to shoot good videos straight off the bat with reasonably priced equipment these days; of course your live video recording skills will need honing along the way, but the most important thing is to begin the process.

Quantity vs Quality

There is a good argument to mix a bit of quantity with the quality in the case of business video making.

If you have an in-house video maker or outsource it, you may have to battle with them to accept that you just want to get the video out there in a 75% finished state rather than the perfection that they are after.

Strike a balance between quality and quantity and that should serve your business well.

If you are just starting out try making 4 or 5 initial videos and see how you go. Remember – everything can be adjusted and edited later, so don’t worry too much about your initial efforts. Just get started and play around with it!

The Melbourne SEO Services “Competition Crusher” workshop carries a lot more information for budding web video makers. It’s not to be missed and you can get your copy for free when you click here.

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