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Video Transcript: So from here what you want to do to get your YouTube up and running and firing, open a YouTube account, put videos on all of your most trafficked pages, collect as many testimonials as you can. We’ve started to offer a service now as well where we’re doing it for clients. We’ve got a client who contacted us the other day to do a little About Us video. Ad is doing some killer work, I feel like I need to show you another one. This is the type of material he’s doing.

It’s at Melbourne printing, this is one that we just did for a client. (video) So doing that type of thing in your business, it just really makes you stand out from the competition. You’re not going to start at that level obviously, Adrian has been making videos for years. But you saw some of my really bad early ones and that was enough to get tons and tons of links and things like that.

One of the first workshops that we ran, I think I mentioned, was the Melbourne SEO Services workshop. The two sessions that absolutely dominated the most and got the most interest was the web video session and also the outsourcing session. So we ended up running another one day workshop that was just web video. That’s the Lights, Camera, Profits DVD, so if you want to find out more about that, you can get in contact with us. Obviously anybody watching the Competition Crusher DVDs, we’ll look after you. Just email us and we’ll make sure we give you a good deal on that.

If you want any extra help as well, if you want specific tutorials on internet video marketing, if you want to know how to edit something in iMovie, you can go ahead and email our support as well, so davidjenyns.com/support or just go through Melbourne SEO, ask us and we can get you some tutorials on here’s how to do the editing in iMovie.

Ben my other video guy recorded from start to finish how he edited one of the testimonials from our previous workshop. So you can actually see the way that he did it as far as adding in lower thirds, having the intro, having the outro, having the url throughout. He even showed you then taking the video and then uploading it to YouTube, so you get to see it all the way through. Pretty much remember we’re here to help if you need any help. That’s what we do best.

So we might wrap it up there. We’re going to have another little break shortly, but I’ll just see just before we do that if anyone has any questions or anything like that when it comes to web video.

Question: I’ve got two. The first one is, can you just clarify the lower third for me again. I’m also interested to know percentage of traffic for you.

David: The first question is what does the lower third look like? Lower third, I used it in two different points. (video) So firstly we’ve got the lower third that happens right at the start with my name. So lower third you’ll see David Jenyns, Director, Melbourne SEO Services. Then the URL will appear in a sec and it will remain throughout.

Question: So basically allow for that when you’re shooting as well or don’t be too hung up on that?

David: You can pop it in afterwards. So you can see I do it quite subtly. Some people are more bold about it and they’ll make it really bright. You can see I’ve gone white with a very understated outline there. So I don’t want the person to get too distracted on that, I want them to watch me. Also we end up using this on my own Melbourne SEO Services. If you remember all of my design work, I’m all about one or two colours, one or two fonts, one or two sizes. So I try and always err on the more minimalist style. For that reason I don’t have it too glaring.

As far as the other question, as far as percentage of traffic, I don’t know the exact number on that. A lot of the video I use is embedded into the site. So I’m not just using it just for the traffic of generating through YouTube. I’m also using it to increase conversion rate by using the videos on the site and then effectively getting a zero hosting bill for my videos. That was big decision for us. For a little while there we were saying, do we use our own video hosting like Amazon S3 and try and deliver our own videos or do we use YouTube? Then we thought, I think YouTube now is such a large trusted brand that everybody knows it. People know Google.

When we did that Google versus Yellow Pages thing, as soon as we said that we were doing a little documentary thing on Google, everybody just jumped at it. It was the name Google, they wanted to be a part of it. I think YouTube is that way as well. Everybody is so familiar with it, we’re happy. You’ll see, we do a couple of things on Melbourne SEO, we do a couple of things to make sure we reduce the branding as much as we can and we don’t have it too in your face.

But the YouTube branding is there for local video marketing. There is some code that we use and you can see here, there’s YouTube in the bottom left hand corner. You can actually slightly edit the code for your YouTube videos that causes that little slider to drop away. So if you see there, see how the slider disappears? If I hit play, the slider drops away and once it hits play and then it expands out to all the white and once the little intro video gets finished, I’ve got a white background and it just looks like I’m in the website. Se, you don’t see the slider or anything like that. There are a few things you can do like that with tricks.

As far as the traffic, let me get back to you on that one. I’ll have a look in the Analytics but I know it’s one of my top referrers. But we do a lot of video, I’m pretty sure it’s higher than Facebook last time that I checked. So it’s one of the high ones. Obviously organic search traffic is what is getting us the most, but, yes, it’s a good way. It’s got a whole variety of different things that it can add.

I might show you one last one. This one is pretty funny and then we will have a break. I was talking about animation. The website that does this, Xtranormal, you can basically create little animations. You’ll see, I’ll let it play, I think you’ll find it quite amusing. (video)

I hope you have learned a thing or two with this quick guide on creating and launching an effective business video marketing campaign. If you want me to help you out with your small biz, you may want to look at my consulting services. Click here.

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