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Video Transcript: So how do I generate a list? Well, you saw it on Melbourne SEO Services and I showed you the way that I did it with the Ultimate Trading Systems in the trading business. We have a free report, a business white paper, it’s just either a very low cost or no cost report that basically educates someone on and around what it is that the problem that you business helps them solve. So obviously, when someone lands on your website, we’ve targeted all the right keywords and done the right optimization so we know the type of client that is hitting our website.

Chances are they have a problem because a lot of the traffic we’re going to be driving is from Google and since we’re using Google we’re going to be targeting people who have problems and we’re going to provide those solutions. You already know that before they get to that web page. Now we just want to make sure that we say, I have the solution and here’s a free teaser, a free little start just to get introduced and even solve some of their problems.

Really what I want to do is give them some quick and easy wins early on to prove to them that, yes, I have the results and I can show you how to get the results, try this, try this. Ok, now that you’ve got a taste of the mini success, if you want to take it to the next level, go ahead and contact us. So the fact is most people come and go, we want to capture their email so we can build that trust, the rapport, really position ourselves as the expert.

Once you generate content you can position yourself as the expert in that niche by being a content creator. That’s why when authors and people like that, people who have books, automatically get this instant credibility. There’s a halo effect, because I have a book I therefore must be an expert on the topic. That’s not the case, anybody can go out there and publish a book, but a lot of people think books are great. Although they might not be a great money generator for you, they can give you excellent credibility if your business card is, here’s a book of mine.

Similarly on a smaller broken down version, white papers can do a similar thing. It creates a little bit of a law of reciprocity where we’re giving them a little bit of something and they’re accepting. It’s almost like, sometimes you see people who are asking for money in the city, they might give you a little something first.

I remember when I flew into LA, one of the first times I got there they had a Hare Krishna person at the gates as people were coming out. They were giving out books. Basically they were giving this book and they made it feel like you were getting the book for free. As soon as you had the book in your hand, it’s like you’d accepted their offering and they would follow up with, so can I have a donation? It was almost like a sneaky way of using this law of reciprocity where I give you a little something and now you give me a little something back.

It’s like they’re giving you a little micro commitment. Like I said, it might take some time to bond with a client to get them to go ahead and spend $2000 with you. It’s a much easier commitment for them to go ahead and just enter their name and email address. Once they’ve done that, it’s like they’re making a commitment to you. I’m believing what it is that you’ve said up until this point and I believe you enough that I’m going to go ahead and give you my email address.

Now psychologically in their mind, they’re going to be looking for ways to prove themselves right that you were the right person to do business with, you were the right person to enter your name and details into the opt in box. So for example the way that we use that strategy is something like on our Metaformula website, when people sign up to the free newsletter, straight after on the thank you page, once they confirm their email address it’s hey, do you want to buy the Metastock Programming Study Guide for 10% off?

Now if I just sent them straight to try and go the sales pitch, we find our conversion rate is much lower. But if they give me their email address first, then I make the offer, the conversion rate goes up. They’ve already made a little micro commitment to me and then I’m offering them a one time offer for a discounted price on the study guide. It makes perfect sense. So it’s a great little technique.

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