Can you make things better with clicks?

Have you ever wondered whether the click through rate (CTR) for a particular listing affects its rankings? Let’s say you have a website listing for a keyword within Google. If it gets more clicks than your competitor, do you think that would move up it up in the rankings?

It would seem to be a logical assumption that this would be the case but let’s take a step back and rethink this. If it were the case that there was a real benefit in getting your website listings clicked, wouldn’t companies go to third world countries (where they could easily find cheap labor) and employ people to spend their days and nights clicking on their links?

Because of the potential manipulation here, I don’t see the average click through rate as being part of the search engine algorithm. Google employees are too smart to let this happen.

The only time I have seen click through rates affect the placement in Google is within personal search. When you log into your Google account and do a search, Google analyzes what you’re clicking on and slightly alters the search results to tailor them to you. That said, when you log out of your account, any effect stops right then and there.

In short, if the click through rate has any effect at all, it is such an extremely small part that in my opinion it is not worth focusing on. These are the hard facts. To find out more, join us on Facebook and Dave on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.

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