Follow a definite action plan.

If you are a small business with a product or service that could be sold by others to give it maximum exposure and sales potential, a Clickbank affiliate program may be the way to go.

Great SEO, pro-active content management and excellent sales pages go a long way to selling your product on your own website but having a big team of affiliates doing that will get your product out there and in front of potential buyers more effectively.


Clickbank is one of the best known and widely-used affiliate networks around; there are many thousands of products available for affiliates and many thousands of affiliates looking for products to represent and earn commission – of course you will be interested in the latter, if you already have a product you want to get out there; that’s where we concentrate this article.

Think of Clickbank as a massive digital marketplace. Affiliate marketers look for info products that they can sell and earn commission from, so you have to make yours stand out from the rest and be an attractive proposition for the marketer.

Clickbank Charges

In return for administering the sales of your product and making automated payments to your affiliates, Clickbank charges a set up cost ($49.95), a $1 fee for every transaction and 7.5% of the retail price of your product.

Then you need to pay a commission to the affiliate, which is usually in the region of 50% of the remainder.

You can have one-off, fixed price products or those that are billed monthly (recurring monthly service fees etc); the procedures change a little for the latter.

With all these charges you can see that affiliate marketing is about volume sales – you need to get a high turnover of products to get it making big bucks for you.

Setting Up Your Program

Your action plan may vary slightly from the one below but here is one suggested way of going about it:

  • Set up a domain name if you don’t already have one for your product website
  • Once you have completed a product to sell, create a Vendor Clickbank account
  • Confirm product descriptions, pricing and commission arrangements for affiliates
  • Decide how support will be administered
  • Set up a pitch page and thank you page for your product
  • Make sure these pages are hosted and visible
  • Set up a test campaign with PPC (Pay Per Click) to get an idea of the sales potential of your product – so you can provide affiliates with hard data of conversion rates.
  • Create banner designs and resources for affiliates to use
  • Create a payment link and test it
  • Request product approval from Clickbank and pay the one-time set up fee
  • Create a vendor hop ad – this creates more exposure for your product

Once approved, your product then enters the Clickbank marketplace and it’s your job to attract affiliates using any means possible; make sure your affiliates page really sells you and your product and that the commission you are offering is attractive, as you are competing with many other products.

It may take some time to perfect your Clickbank affiliate marketing program but the above details should help you get the show on the road. Why not share your Clickbank experiences and tips below. You may also want to learn from a top Internet business coach on how you should set up your online business. Click here for more info.

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