The Cluster is a professional co-working space in Melbourne.

The Cluster is a professional co-working space in Melbourne.

I’m curious, are you based in Melbourne, Australia? If you are, read below, if not, just jump to the regular weekly news.

I wanted to check, since we’re in St Kilda and our lease is coming up for renewal, we’re trying to decide if we go 100% virtual or get another office? We’ve been keeping the office so we’d have a central place to store all of our equipment and as a place for the team to catch up.

One option was to look at a co-working space in Melbourne. It just so happens, a little while ago we were asked to make a video for a professional co-working space called The Cluster – you may have heard of them? Here’s the video:

Anyway, they’ve come back and asked us to take part in a promotion they’re running to help promote their space. Basically if you sign up to their 3-month package you get 10k worth of bonuses – it’s pretty cool and we threw some goodies into the mix too.

So, if you’re in Melbourne and looking for a sweet co-working space check out: www.bigdeal.thecluster.com.au

Let me know since we’re thinking about it too.

And now onto our regular news:

And how about our news?

#1. We’ve been posting a whole bunch of new blogs over at AuthorityContent.com – just following the method. It’s important to be the best example of what we teach 🙂 So see the method in action here:

#2. We’ve been working on an amazing video for the Jim’s Group (you know Jim’s mowing, Jim’s Building Inspection, Jim’s dog wash etc) and I am so excited to share it – Adrian mentioned it is perhaps our important work ever:

Oh, and if you’re looking for this sort of marketing for your business, be sure to visit: www.melbournevideo.com.au

#3. We’ve been making a whole bunch of Kickstarter & crowdfunding style videos so we finally decided to put together a page for it. So, if you’ve got a crowdfunding project you’re keen to launch, check out:

#4. I’ve had loads of speaking engagements recently including: the Recurring Revenue Roadmap workshop, Envato SEO meetup, webinars and more!

In fact, you can sign up to another webinar I’m hosting for SEMrush – it’s all on the topic of SEO for eCommerce websites. Find out more here:

Here's a photo when I recently spoke at Envato for their SEO meetup.

Here’s a photo when I recently spoke at Envato for their SEO meetup.

Not too sure where to get started?

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