Last year Melbourne SEO Services were placed in the unfortunate position of having some of our sites hacked. Until it actually happens to you, it’s hard to describe the mixture of annoyance, worry and helplessness you feel when the sites you look after and support actually get intruded upon.

Even though no customer sites were compromised, being hacked really took us aback. Someone got in to our firewall and jumped from site to site, adding in malware, a virus and various problems at the back end of our WordPress configuration.

The event acted as a real wake-up call for us, and we decided there and then that we needed to tighten up our security and make sure that everything was safely backed up. We needed a software package that could quickly restore our code for us and we began to look around for the right solution.

When we looked at the various options available for securing our sites against unwanted access, we knew we had some pretty strong criteria to support our purchasing decision. We were looking for an application that could deliver the following benefits:

We wanted someone to talk to if things went wrong, through a really comprehensive support facility.

• We needed a firm that could resolve any issues quickly and ensure we didn’t suffer from unwarranted downtime as a result of intrusion.

• We needed a really secure backup system so that we could go right back to a previous version of our site if anyone compromised the security.

We’d previously tried a whole range of applications and just hadn’t managed to find the right combination of attributes… until we started to use Code Garage.

We chose them because they had a great support system, and knowledgeable and helpful guys on the end of the phone who could support us when the proverbial hit the fan.

Frankly, since we signed up with the team at Code Garage, we haven’t looked back, which is why Melbourne SEO Services are more than happy to pass on a testimonial for them. The service backs up your entire WordPress site, including some of those sneaky files that can wind up outside of your wp-content folder, which means your whole site is safeguarded if you need to revert back to a previous version quickly.

Code Garage provides a single affordable plan that permits you to backup as many sites as you want. It also has a nifty feature that lets you grab a backup from the previous day if you decide you don’t like a particular theme that you’ve tried out – great for people like us who try out lots of different things until we find the right look and feel for our sites!

You can access previous versions of your site from up to thirty days previously, which gives you a real feeling of freedom to play around with different themes and styles, safe in the knowledge that your original version has been protected and can be restored with a few clicks.

Accidents happen online all the time and it’s great to know that there are sevrices like Code Garage to keep us protected and make sure Melbourne SEO Service’s sites stay fully functional no matter what happens.

Find out why we trust Code Garage with the safety of our websites.

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