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Video Transcript: The other thing I wanted to mention, one of my coaching clients and this was that idea I was saying before, you really just need to make sure that you focus in on one particular area and don’t just jump from place to place. One of my coaching clients when he came to me, he’s in the photography business and we’ll mention him a little bit later in the presentation, when he came to me, he had heard about internet marketing and started to get interested in it. He had a friend who was a real estate person and they came up with this magnificent marketing strategy to sell internet marketing to real estate people and build up these little portal websites and get them ranked. He had this massive idea.

I said, you’re a photographer let’s focus on your photography business. If you love internet marketing, let’s start to do internet marketing on your business. Now it’s starting to go crazy. We’re starting to add Facebook components in, we’re starting to make sure all of his onpage is all correct. We’re just bringing in so many different elements into the business that he’s already doing. So that’s the point of this slide about the components of a business plan.

I want to let you know as well, this comes from a trading system point of view as well, from my trading background. We used to teach people how to trade the stock market. One of the early places I worked was HomeTrader or DayTraderHQ. The place where I went to learn I ended up teaching there. They had a fantastic trading system. I could give you the perfect trading system and everybody could have the same trading system but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to work for you. A lot of people just can’t follow through. It all comes down to in you mind. I’m going to give you a fantastic model for building any business and building that online presence today but it comes down to you and then making sure that you actually start to implement it.

So just make sure that you design your avatar, making sure that you’re targeting the right person. A lot of you have got your businesses all sorted already, so just get really clear on who it is you’re marketing to and know that upfront. This is one of those first stages. In fact, from here, that first little bit that I just went through there was a little bit of an introduction I suppose to bring you up to where we are right now. That is, there’s my story, here’s the first business I built. I’m now up to the second business. There are little side businesses like the Planet 13 and the MCG type things and a few stories like that.

My core business at the moment is Melbourne SEO, which gets you up to where I am right now. I’m showing you what mine looks like and now we’re going to start to add in all those components of a business plan, well, how do we start to do that for you?

Step one is get clear on who your avatar is. You need to know this upfront. It’s the person who you’re going to be marketing to, it’s your ideal client. You want to make sure that you know that upfront. That way, whenever you do any marketing or any communication, you always think about that person when you market.

We’ve got a great client called Garry Barnett and he’s a print management client. He is my perfect target market. When I’m writing an email, when I am putting some web copy together, when I’m recording a video, I’m talking to Garry. I’m imagining I’m making a message to him and that’s what’s going to connect with him. So you want to make sure that you do that. It’s going to just influence everything, so do this early on.

I’ll talk about getting action plans and action steps and you’ll get them at the end of each session. One of the first action steps is get clear on who you’re going to market to. The next one is get clear on building your map. What does your map look like, what is it going to look like long term?

That’s a screen shot of one of my very first business maps for Melbourne SEO and it was one of the ones I showed you in the journal just before. Draw out what the business is going to look like longer term. You’re going to add different components and things like that. Then sit down and write what is the recommended retail price you’re going to be selling some of these products and services for. What is the cost of goods for those products and services? You can then calculate the net profit. So basically I want you to draw a map and then say, here’s everything that I’m going to be offering in an ideal world and we’ll build towards that.

Then, once you do that, then you try and design the perfect month. So you need to sit there, and firstly you need to figure out what your own personal goals are. This is not a Tony Robbins seminar, but figure out how much you want to make per month and calculate all that sort of thing out upfront. Then when you design this map, then you can link it back to your personal goals and say in a perfect month, what is a perfect month going to look like?

For me, a perfect month, most of our income wasn’t from providing SEO to clients because that meant it was going to be very labour intensive. So my perfect month a couple of years down the track, was focusing in on the info product because I knew that was going to be a lot less demand on my time. So get clear on that perfect month and if you do this upfront, I’m telling you now it will make the world of difference. This is where most people go wrong, they don’t do this, they don’t build the map out and then you get a bad situation. I was lucky, my first trading business actually turned out ok but that’s because I was studying a lot of material at the time.

Even now I look back and I see just flaws and holes. This right now, I’m in my own Mastermind group and I drew out this map for them probably about twelve months ago. I wanted them to poke holes in it. There was nothing where they thought, oh, had you thought about this, had you thought that? You want to design a really smart map, show other people, figure out what your perfect month looks like, make sure it maps your own personal goals and then you can start to put it into action. There’s nothing worse than building out a business that didn’t quite work out the way that you wanted it to and didn’t provide you the income that you wanted and that type of thing.

Business plannning is crucial to all kinds of companies. It keeps all your actions focused on the direction of your goals. If you need my help on effective planning, click here to get started.

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