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Leverage is something that is talked about in almost all of the interviews done by David Jenyns, however, one of the greatest leverage points bought up would have to be the notion of the scalable business model. It’s very easy to completely push this idea into the back of your head. I mean, why do something that makes life a little harder now? Let me take a moment to introduce you to this concept.

Fair enough, this is an SEO blog, why would you want to read something that doesn’t directly relate to SEO?  Everything that you do that involves SEO has a method, and there are two ways in which methods can be implemented in the online world. You can either do it yourself, of you can outsource it. However, the majority of us, when starting out, we generally tend to focus on having everything directly accessible in front of us. For example, not using a ticket system for website inquiries, and using the one e-mail account for all websites that is accessible using a client installed on our PC. This also involves keeping methods on paper in front of us so that we can do link building and keyword research ourselves, and put ideas for articles into practice. Although these methods are super friendly to us who sit in front of a PC and control our own “mini empires” from the comfort of our office chairs, business models such as these only serve to cause a massive amount of grief when it comes to the time that our business needs to grow.

Scalability, in a nutshell, refers to your ability to control your business and delegate tasks effectively in the event that your business is faced with the need to grow. For example, if you have a bunch of physical paperwork detailing the websites you wish to target for back links, how are you going to ship that information out to your outsourcer without having to spend a few hours typing out thousands of back link opportunities? And another example, with the inquiries from your 10 websites coming to your personal e-mail account, how can you possibly outsource that without spending another few hours setting up a ticket system in order to delegate inquiries to separate outsourcers?

Here are a few quick suggestions that should help you along the right path.

Implement A Ticket System

OS Ticket provide an open source option for those who want to either prepare for the best, or who want to start diverting specific inquiries to outsourcers or virtual assistants for them to respond to. This is a free piece of software, and in most cases, can be installed in under two minutes using Fantastico Deluxe if you are using C-Panel.

The benefit of this, compared to delegating from your personal e-mail account is that delegation is completely automated, and can be monitored within the software in its entirety. Even if you do not have the need to delegate tasks to outsourcers or virtual assistants, this will help you keep inquiries organized, and will increase your online business scalability.

Use Separate Gmail Accounts For Different Websites

This will always come in handy with any ticket system, especially in the case that you have several outsourcers, each working on tasks linked to a specific website. Personally, I recommend Gmail, as you can store documents relating to a particular website in that one account, and with the best filtering and forwarding available from any free e-mail provider, this makes monitoring tasks a breeze. I also recommend using the e-mail account itself for handling ticket inquiries if you are employing the one outsourcer for handling support tickets relating to a particular website.

In general, you will need to consider a few things when the need to grow your business is near. What tasks can I palm off in order to continue my work on the creative side of my business? Obviously, we don’t all want to be sitting in front of the computer for the rest of our lives commenting on blogs, writing articles, and all of these other tasks that take us away from doing those tasks that make our business unique. So, consider this. How can I keep track of my tasks in a format that I can easily share with others if the need arises, and how can I track the progress of those tasks if the need arises? That is the essence of online business scalability, and why you simply need to prepare yourself for the best.

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