Just relax when making a video.

You want to create a web video where you, the presenter, appears fresh and natural, not ‘staged’. At first thought, you may be tempted to believe you can achieve this by chatting to the camera ‘off the cuff’. Nothing is further from the truth. You need a well structured, coherent plan to follow, and this is only achieved by creating a well thought out web video script.

Once you have written your script, practice it as often as you need to until it comes fluently and without hesitation.. Someone constantly interrupting themselves with ‘ums’ and ‘ers’ can be very off putting and will have your visitors switching off long before the end. You may use some bullet points to prompt your memory, but make sure these are well off camera

Relax, you don’t have to do this all in one take. You can pause and then change the camera angle or zoom length. With the magic of skillful editing, it can all be made to look like one continuous piece.

Keep it Simple
Some of the greatest advertising minds have long realized that simplicity is the key. Just think about Apple’s advertising. They are all about sharp, clean lines, minimal text and one or two compelling images. Of course you won’t enjoy the benefits of a million dollar budget to produce such spectacular effects, but you can aim at the same uncluttered look.

Stand in front of a plain dark back drop and deliver your lines simply. It can have a very powerful effect. Expensive lighting, complicated props and CGI effects may have their place if you’re making a Hollywood blockbuster, but you’re not. The customer wants a down to earth, honest explanation of what you have to offer. If give him this, it will be more than enough to convince him you are the person who will deliver on their promises.

A well shaped video is similar to a well planned sales page. Instead of the eye catching headline, you need a title graphic that holds your visitor’s attention or a compelling opening statement. Don’t forget the all important call to action at the end. The visitor needs to know what he is expected to do next. Should he visit your website, pick up the phone to call you or fill in an optin box? His next step should be the last thing he sees on the video, along with a solid reason why he should take the action that you suggest.

If you have a web address to promote, be sure that is visible throughout the entire video.

Motivate the Viewer
You want your viewer to take a specific action at the end of the video. Make sure it is an attractive option, and offer some incentive to make it more likely that he will want to do it.

If you are asking for his email address, offer a gift such as a free report about your industry. This will position you as the expert and will increase your chances of getting his email address with which you can start building your list. If you want the viewer to purchase one of your products, make sure you list the benefits of the product, not simply the features. He may be mildly interested to know that it comes in blue, pink and green, but if you tell him it will make his life more pleasant, or safer, and you explain how it will do this, you are more likely to make the sale.

Above all be enthusiastic about what it is you have to offer, be natural in your presentation, and be sure in your own mind that what you are offering will truly enhance your clients’ lives.

These are just some of the things you have to keep in mind when creating a web video. Want to produce high quality online videos? Take a look at our web video production services.

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