Wow, it’s interesting to see how quickly business is moving and how quickly competitive advantages disappear. You’ve gotta evolve and these evolutions are speeding up! For us, it used to be SEO, then it was web video and building virtual teams.

These were the big 3 for us and after attending a few events recently it’s clear that more and more businesses are walking up to these opportunities. Shortly (if not already) it will be considered *mission critical* to be using these strategies or you’ll simply get eaten by the competition.

I’m always thinking one or two moves ahead so I have a few more aces up my sleeve but I wanted to use this as a shake up to say “if you’re not using SEO, web video and building virtual teams – you’re crazy”.

I know I’m biased but trust me, this is important. Now, if you’re getting stuck, let me help or at the very least point you in the right direction.

It’s funny, sometimes you forgot how much value you can add to someone if it’s within your area of expertise. Just last week I did some consulting for the twins from “The Block” (an Australian TV show) on their digital web strategy and it was amazing to see just how “blown away” they were with what I do naturally.

So, if you need some handyman work done, car tuned, or some open heart surgery… I’m not your man. But if you’ve got an online business and are looking to take it to the next level – that’s what I do best. Give me a buzz at 1300 662 979.

Ok now back to our regular programming, here’s the news I spotted over the last week:

Top Three “New” SEO Strategies for 2014 {some of my best}

Should I build links using article directories? {listen to Matt}

Google Showing Large Video Embeds In Some Search Results {constantly changing}

YouTube starts auditing video views {don’t cut corners}

The Best Seven Super Bowl Ads for 2014 {always good to see what’s new}

Announcing the new Authority Domination Pack {have you watched this yet?}

And how about our news?

#1. We’re recording all of the Key Person of Influence events. We’ve just competed Melbourne and we’re doing Sydney today. Rocken’ roll. So, if you need an event recorded? Give us a call 1300 662 979.

#2. We’re working with Andrew Griffith’s on a new home study program all about the business of public speaking. If you’re a speaker, author or coach this will be perfect for you! Stay tuned for that.

#3. Did you spot these couple of webinars and interviews with me?

Outsourcing to the Philippines 101

And Getting Found Online: How Has SEO Changed.

#4. I moved house last weekend and I don’t recommend doing it more than once every 10 years 😉 Sheesh it’s a lot of work. Happy to be in Mount Martha, Victoria, Australia though. Very lucky to be born into this country! Now I’m ready for the next chapter of my life. Recently married, new house and now the relatives already asking when are the kids coming 😛

As always, I’ve got lots to do (as I’m sure you do too), so let’s get back to work!

Your online coach,

digital web strategy

Here’s a snap with the twins from “The Block”. It’s great to get recognised for the work I do 🙂

Key Person of Influence

Also, here’s a photo from us at the Key Person of Influence event!


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