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Find out why we recommend directory submissions through Directory Maximizer in the SEO Method.

Before we look into Directory Maximizer, it’s important to first recall the concept of directories and their role in link building. Web directories are websites that let you post links that point back to your site. It is simpler to submit to directories than to blog networks and article directories – you just need your URL, a title and a short blurb about your site. If your sites are to be ranked for competitive terms, this won’t get you ranked, but it will help you lay the foundations for your later link building campaigns. 

To submit to a long list of directories is very tedious, and will take you away from other more valuable work you could be doing in your business. A service which we have come across at Melbourne SEO Services which does this time consuming work for you is Directory Maximizer. This web submitter service automates permanent one-way links to many directories. They can manually submit your site up to 1500 quality directories and will ensure that your site details meet all directory guidelines. Your site will always be submitted under the most relevant category.

You may submit by page rank of directory, and you can control the pace of your directory submissions. Duplicate directory submissions on future orders are avoided because Directory Maximizer keeps a record of all submissions made with them. You can also upload lists of any previous directory submissions to avoid submitting to the same directories again.

Directory Maximizer

Control your submissions in Directory Maximizer.

It is a good idea to vary the titles and descriptions if you are submitting to a lot of directories to make it look more natural and to help rank for additional keywords.

All submissions are made manually, so there is a high level of accuracy and you don’t have to worry about your links getting rejected by the directories. Their inventory is kept updated with fresh, high PR directories. Editors will review your site and submission listing for accuracy which helps maintain the integrity of the service.

You will receive a report of the work done and you should see the listings appear over the next 90 days. You can also opt for their email handling service where they create a separate email account for your directory submissions, handle all your directory emails and give you a report for this.

If you are using the service for a new site, make sure you don’t ping the links. If they are discovered naturally over time they are more long lasting. You can always ping them later if the links are still not indexed.

At Melbourne SEO Services we make Directory Maximizer a part of our link building campaign and get consistently good results from it. If you are looking for a cost effective powerful way to gain extra links, why not give Directory Maximizer a go as we have? You will find the link below.

Directory Maximizer

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