Do not build links all in one day.

For every high quality backlink you target for your website there are potentially scores of other links you may be missing out on …unless you are using directory submissions to help your SEO efforts.

With a good directory submission service you can take a “shotgun” approach to links which automates the whole process and nets you many backlink “prizes” from just one “shot”. We discuss this approach in more detail below.

Building Backlinks

Core to your off-page SEO efforts is building backlinks; the best approach is to go for quantity as well as quality and to diversify both the places you are getting links from and the text you include in the actual links.

With online marketing putting all of your “eggs in one basket” rarely works and so it is with links; we need to use all the many and diverse tools available to us – many of them are FREE or low cost anyway, so there are no reasons not to be doing this.

Don’t worry that 100 directory links may give you the same credit as 5 higher quality links from high-ranking sites – they really do all count!

With directory links we are after a specific type of backlink where the URL of your website is the actual link; other links we target may use specific keywords in the anchor text, but directory links are your URL, plain and simple. Again this creates diversity of link type, which is important for authenticity in the eyes of search engines.

What Exactly Is A Directory?

A classic example of a website directory is dmoztools.net which is an open source directory project in collaboration with AOL. Directories of this nature are what web surfers used to use for finding websites, before Google made search more tailored and personalised.

Directories are set up in categories, whereby a user must click through from one category to the next to find what they are looking for. They can seem quite laborious nowadays, as you have to peel back many layers of the onion before you get to the information you need!

Automated Directory Submissions

Submitting your URL to hundreds or even thousands of directories manually takes up valuable time you could be putting to other SEO tasks, so the best idea is to use a recommended directory submission service.

We like to use Directory Maximiser to do this job. With very little expense or effort you can get your website out to all the major directories – try to reach over 300 in all. It only costs 14 cents per directory submission.

Simply submit your website and choose PR1+ directories. As you are doing this, vary the text of the submissions so that you add more diversity to the mix. You can use many different titles and descriptions with this tool.

A Brief Word Of Warning

From our experience it’s best not to submit your site to all directories at once, as this may look like you are trying to “play” the search engines – which they may penalise you for.

It’s far better to “drip feed” the submissions over time as this appears to be more of an “organic” approach that Google and the others should reward you for.

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