It’s time to check if you have doorway pages of your own.


Have you been keeping up to date with all the SEO news? It’s a little like drinking from a firehose these days. To help, I’ve cherry picked the most important headlines worth reading over the past week.

Google To Launch New Doorway Page Penalty Algorithm {time to remove thin content!}

Google confirms watching clicks to evaluate results quality {the algorithm is changing}

Google: The Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Will Be Larger Than Panda Or Penguin {21st of April is the big day!}

3 Unnatural Link Warnings and How to Deal With Them {solid advice}

Duplicate Content SEO Advice From Google {this is a killer for many}

Google Panda: Making High Quality Websites in 2015 {another great post}

Moving 5 Domains to 1: An SEO Case Study {excellent tips}

10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Invest More in Content Marketing

And what about our news:

#1. Here is a recent interview with me you might find interesting:

#2. You can watch my SEMrush webinar replay here:

#3. We’re fully booked right now all the way up to May. So if you you’re looking to work with my team and I – whether it’s for an SEO starter pack:

or to get a new high converting, mobile responsive website with SEO baked in:

Give us a call 1300 662 979 or send us an email. It’s best we get you booked in sooner rather than later – SEO and online marketing moves quickly!

And one final thing, the Authority Content case studies are flowing in now! Did you see the one with Andrew Griffiths? www.authoritycontent.com/case-studies

If you’re not apply Authority Content, you’re missing out! Click the image below to see the case studies!

authority content

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