Hey everyone, today I wanted to share with you a way you can grab an easy free website builder called Site Sell, or Site Build It. Whether you’re new to SEO and want to create your first website, or are a serial online rock star (like myself), then you’re going to love this.

I’m literally going to pay for your copy of Site Sell so it doesn’t cost you a cent. I know it sounds too good to be true, but there’s a very good reason for my generosity, which oddly enough is sort of selfish. Let me explain…

Your First Step To Becoming An Online Rock Star

Site Sell have an affiliate program which I’m a part of and I’ve been selling their product for the longest of times. In fact, I’ve sold so many that I’ve built an excellent residual income that comes directly from my affiliate customers who continue to renew their copies of Site Sell or Site Build It.

Well, here’s where you come in. Site Sell have recently implemented a new rule that requires me to sell a certain number of new copies every month to unlock my previous commissions. So here I am, with all this money earned, yet must sell a specific number copies of Site Sell each month in order to be paid out and gain access to it all. So, even though we’re just starting a new cycle, I only need to make a couple more sales to unlock my commissions.

What this all means is you’ll get a free copy of Site Sell. What’s more, as of January 2013 they’re running a promotion where, when you buy one copy, you get another one for free. So effectively, you get 2 copies of Site Sell for absolutely nothing.

This exact situation actually happened a few months ago, and I ran the same promotion as the one I’m mentioning here. I had a couple of people take me up on the offer and we’re all happy campers now.

This is basically how it works: Using my Site Sell affiliate link (you must use my affiliate link for this to work), you go ahead and purchase, then send me a copy of your receipt. As soon as the payout period comes through (which is the 15th of each month), I get my cash back and literally send the money straight back to you. No hitches, I ‘Paypal it’ direct to you.

With The Right Map & Tools, Online Success Is Closer Than You Think!

With The Right Map, Online Success Is At Hand!

Like I said, I’ve done this once before and I know it’s a little bit selfish. But it works out great for you because you get 2 easy free website builder copies of Site Sell; and it’s great for me because I get to unlock those affiliate commissions.

This is a legitimate real deal and am happy to chat with you about it further, if you feel you need more details. But in all honesty, the best thing to do is go ahead and purchase here, then email a copy of your receipt to support(a)davesupports.com and I’ll be looking forward to sending that cash back to you right after the next cycle closes.

I’m sure with Site Sell, 2013 will be your best year online. If you want more tips like this to map out the best methods for creating success online, check out our SEO training courses.

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