SEO doesn’t have to be as hard as high school algebra.

Who else would be interested to learn easy SEO steps you can use to implement SEO into your website?

Stage 1 is to start with appropriate keyword research, using Market Samurai and the Free Google Keyword tool. Using one of these tools, identify ten to twenty keywords and then do some on page optimization to your website.

Then build links to these pages. Here are a few ways we build links: Ezine articles, directory submissions, blog networks and blog commenting. We follow the method outlined in the SEO Method which you can find on www.theseomethod.com. The key is to have a method for continual link building.

It’s simple, just build links to the ten to twenty keywords you identified and optimized your site for. After a month or two go back and see how your rankings are going. What have you achieved good rankings for without too much work or without specific targeted link building?

Stage 2 is to go to your Google Analytics account and look for keywords that are driving traffic to your website. The gold we’re looking for are the keywords that are on page one but not yet in position number one. Those are the keywords that you will start targeting for your future link building.

In short, these are the keyword phrases that are already bringing traffic to your website. The fact is, if we can move them from, say position five to position one, we’re going to get substantially more traffic! This is the low hanging fruit which will bring in the biggest result!

Stage 3 is analysis. There may be specific keywords you want to rank for because you’ve done your analysis and maybe you’ve tested them with Google AdWords and find them to be high converting keywords. Look at where you’re currently ranking for these keywords. We use www.authoritylabs.com to find out where we’re ranking.

We also use the SEO competition tab in Market Samurai to find out what the competition is doing. We do an analysis of the back links of our top three competitors. Ask yourself, where are your competitors building links from and can you replicate this?

If the competitor has a huge number of links, make a determination about how much that keyword is worth to you. Is it worth your time and money going after it?

That’s it! If you follow these easy SEO steps, you are sure to be on the way to success in the search engines. That said, if that all sounds too hard and you want us to handle your SEO for you, give us a call at Melbourne SEO Services.

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