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Video Transcript: The next one we’ll use is article directories. So article directories, and maybe we’ll start over here now, article directories, there are a few more well known ones. There is EzineArticles and there is GoArticles. Just recently and this is more for the people who are in the space when it comes to SEO, there’s been a whole update, there’s a new algorithm update called the Panda Update. They named it the Panda Update. Google does all these little Google dance things where they’ll change the algorithm slightly and it’ll shake up all the search results and everybody goes crazy, it’s the end of the world as we know it. But it’s happening all the time. They’ve just had one recently called the Panda Update. It was named after a Google engineer. Basically what they’re trying to do is they want to weed out some of the rubbish that is starting to come up in the search engines. Like I said, you can head over to India now, and since we know it’s all about back links now, you might go over to India and you’ll pay someone pennies on the dollar to go out and build back links for you. Go to these countries where they can outsource the labour very cheaply. If you’ve got websites, chances are you’ve probably had a couple of emails here and there where people say, we can help get your website number 1 on Google. We get them all the time. Then it’s all about building these low quality back links. Google is obviously trying to combat that and thinking about what can we do to make sure we stay one step ahead of that? They made this update, the Google Panda Update. What they did was they interviewed a series of people, there were people like Matt Cutts who is a well known Google engineer, a lot of different users. They asked them a whole series of questions about what websites do you trust, what elements do you want to see on a website? Do you trust this website? Would you make a purchase on this website? Would you give your credit card details over on this website? They did that to a whole bunch of different websites so they could get a cross section of all of these different websites, ones that people thought yes, it’s a good website and I would do business on it and other websites that no, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. So they have both of these websites now. Then what they did is, they thought, ok, well let’s get our computer and the maths is probably way over my head but they got a computer using their computer intelligence to figure out what components were the same across the board. What were the elements of all of the good websites and what are the elements of all of the bad websites? Then let’s try and create almost like an algorithm that gets smarter over time. So in implementing effective article marketing, they keep on checking back with these people to find out what they like and what they don’t like about the search engines. Then we just keep on getting this evolving search engine where they’re looking for certain characteristics. That was the most recent update. The reason I mention all of that is because EzineArticles was one of the ones that was central to this whole debacle, this update when it came to this Google Panda Update. That website actually got hit pretty hard in the search engines. What EzineArticles is and there are a whole lot of different article directories out there on the internet. They’re just websites where users can submit articles to these websites. So you can go there, submit an article about your business, as long as it’s unique content, they’ll list it on their website and then they’ll give you one of those links back to your website. So the whole aim of the SEO and internet marketing game is getting links. So it’s just another way to links back to your website. It actually ended up getting hit pretty badly. A lot of people said, oh, this is the end of traditional link building methods and all that type of thing. But for me, it doesn’t really matter that Ezine Articles gets hit or not. The aim of my game isn’t to get my Ezine article ranked number 1 on Google. If it did, then fantastic. The aim of the game really is to get my website ranked number 1 on Google. So this one here. So these links are still worthwhile. So the more links that you can build the better. So we use article directories like EzineArticles, GoArticles. Just start off, maybe you write ten articles. If you don’t want to write articles, go interview that expert that I was talking about ,the squash guy and get it transcribed. That could get cut into articles. There are so many different ways that you can create content. You don’t need to actually go out there and physically yourself, have the articles written or maybe you outsource it. You get these articles posted on EzineArticles, GoArticles and you send links back to your home page. It is also important to send links back to these deep pages as well. So just remember when you’re sending links, don’t always just send it through to the home page but send it through to your deep pages as well. Then ongoing it’s a good idea to keep building links using top article marketing services. This is what SEO is all about. This is why the clients come to us and work with us over a long period of time because we keep building links, we keep improving their rankings and we keep going after new keywords. So you want to keep building those back links. So that’s about it on how to implement effective article marketing for your business. 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