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Video Transcript: So where should you use video? The first thing that I would do is, have a look at your Google Analytics, find out which are your most visited pages and put video on those pages first. Video is going to increase your conversion rate, so you just want to make sure that you put it on the pages where you’re getting the most amount of traffic because it’s going to increase the people who actually pick up the phone. So start there.

I would put it on your home page. If you put it on your home page, tell them what their biggest frustration is, what is your client’s biggest frustration or hurdle or problem? Make sure you describe it better than they can describe it and then that way they connect with you and you understand them. Then help offer them a solution and give them a call to action. So, I understand you, I have a solution to your problem. Now if you want the solution, go ahead and enter your details to get my free report.

I’d put it on your services page. You need to have a very clear offering. What is it that you’re actually offering to your clients? It needs to be crystal clear, there needs to be no ambiguity. I need to know, if I’m looking for this, this is what you provide.

I’d use it on the About Us. Telling your story is key, we talked about that and then autoresponders as well. I gave you a bit of a format for what you can put in those autoresponder sequences. Figure out what are the top ten questions that your clients do ask, what are the top ten questions that they should ask, and then make a video answering each one of those.

I’ll give you some good examples of all of those, which is leading by example. So on Melbourne SEO Services you’ll find obviously video at the front page there. It tells them to go to the opt in. We’ve got it under all of the different services, there is video at the top and then I have text underneath. For clients, we use it for a lot of the testimonials.

This was the video I was talking about with Garry Barnett. If you watch that, it goes for about twenty minutes. It’s awesome though, he tells his story, tells about how he found us. There’s that person who rings on the doorbell and he takes his glasses off and I say, oh, just keep going. This is the real deal work.

The About Us, I tell our story, that’s right up near the top. I also use some other snippets of video. When I sold the MCG, I talked about that story and I’ll tell you a little bit more about that one in the publicity section. We got on the Today show and I’ve got the video snippet from that. Again, it’s all about building that proof, you can’t fake this material.

I was going to show you the FAQs but pretty much it is just an FAQ page where I have a question at the top and then there is a video, me answering that question underneath. How much does SEO cost? How long will it take before I see results? What kind of results can I expect? All of these common questions we answer in video format.

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