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Video Transcript: Now I want to talk a little bit about an effective press release marketing and how you can use the media to get you extra exposure. Once you get all of your ducks lined up on your website and you’ve created this fantastic funnel and it all happens very automatically, you tip people in to the top and then they just filter all the way down. Once that happens, then you want to try and see what you can do to up the numbers of people who are starting to see your offering.

Using press and media is a great way to do that because you can get loads of free advertising dollars. Where it might cost you $6000 to run an ad in The Age but if they end up doing an editorial on you, you end up getting it for free.

How do you get the media to fall in love with you? What is the benefit as well? There are different types of testimonials. I talked about how important those testimonials are. I think getting the customer testimonials is key, getting celebrity endorsements and things like that is good, experts. It’s almost like we’re going down this tree of testimonials but the one that is the ultimate testimonial is when a media or some organization covers you and you get in the press. There is that halo effect, you’re considered an expert because they only write up about experts. There are so many different benefits that come from that.

All of that expert positioning that I was talking about in the previous session really just gets pushed up into the next level. It’s not you going out there saying I’m the expert. Someone else is now, you really do get a fantastic halo effect. I’m going to show you the strategies that I use to get this media coverage. There are just a few and throughout the presentation I’ve just put different examples in of different things.

Let’s have a look. The media endorsement, that idea I was saying, that halo effect that you get, it can’t be faked, it can’t be bought and you get that instant expert status. They did a full article on me in Smart Investor, Retire Rich. You can see, it was quite funny, I remember they called me in to do that photo shoot and I went into this studio to do it.

That photo I fought so hard. They wanted me to sit there on the phone like I was talking to someone and the phone wasn’t even plugged into the wall or anything. He was just wanting me, it was like a really canned, cheesy shot that he wanted me to take. I just said, no, I’m not doing it. He said, well can you just hold the mouse and I said, the computer is not even on, it feels too fake. So I think that’s the closest he ended up getting me, I just sat there with my arms crossed and said, yes, I’m here. That’s another story.

With the press release you need to think all about getting the good hooks. It’s about creating a hook that is going to draw someone in. What is the media really looking for? The media is looking for a good story. That’s all they want, they want to have something that they can write up about that other people are going to be interested in.

What are some ways that you can find that hook? One of the best things you can do is coat tail what is going on in the media. I’ll go back to the Old Spice example. The best way for us to ride on that whole Old Spice parody commercial that we did would have been, as it was breaking, we write a story and a press release about how this Old Spice viral video has created a whole second wave of viral parody videos that came out of the first video.

So what does that do? That gives the reporter who is looking for a new angle on how to write on a story that is already happening. It’s already in the news, so the reporter wants to write about it but he doesn’t want to just say what everybody else is saying. He just doesn’t want to say the same thing over and over. So what you’re looking for is you want to try and create something just slightly left of centre that rides on the coat tails and in the slip stream of that and puts a new spin on things.

So following the general media is a good way. You can use Google Alerts, keep an eye on Yahoo! Answers, see what some of your popular blog posts are, surveying your customers, they’re just a few ideas on how you can think of different angles. I really think the best way is to follow what’s going on in the general media and see if you can go from that angle.

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