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Video Transcript: So emails, how do you write emails that convert? You need to make sure that you use multi modes so use text, audio, video, pdf, use multiple modes for an email marketing template. Everybody consumes data in different ways. Some people are visual, some people are auditory, some people are kinesthetic. You want to make sure that you hit all of the different modes. Some people like to read things offline, some like to listen to it on their iPod, some people don’t like to read at all and would prefer to watch you on YouTube. So it’s important that you make sure you give them all of those pieces.

When you write your emails, and we’ve found this particularly with some other team members when they started with me coming from a corporate background, they said, I can’t believe the way that you write your emails. It’s not professional the way that we do it. It’s more like I’m writing to a friend. It’s very conversational, it’s got a very personal tone and you write it as though you were writing it to a friend.

You want to keep it short and to the point where you can. Sometimes I’ll do long emails. I’ll mix it up. Quite often, people are very busy and how would you write something to a friend? Hey, check this out, insert link. That’s what you’d probably get from your buddy. You want to imagine writing to your avatar as though they were your best friend. Once that’s done, it’s good to make sure you read it aloud and then re read it before you send it. I’ve been guilty of this, where you send something out and then you’ll read it afterwards and you’ll say, oh, I just sent this out to thirty thousand people and I missed a full stop there. Sometimes it’s been a little bit worse than a full stop.

I think either reading it aloud is a good step or leave it for twelve hours, twenty-four hours before you mail it, then go read it back, or get someone else to read it as well. Then also think about optimizing your landing page. In your email you’re sending people to specific links, think about where those people are landing. Then just make sure there is a very good message to message match. So if they’re reading something in an email and they’re expecting something, make sure when they arrive on that page they can find it straight away. There is nothing more frustrating than me saying, hey, go over here to download a free audio and then you get there and you say, oh, I can’t find this. This is annoying. You want to make sure there is a good match there.

As far as the anatomy of an email, the from is probably one of the most read components of an email. When you think about it and you’re looking through your own emails, if you’ve got an email from your Mum, you’re probably going to open that, rather than if you got an email from ING Direct or something like that. You’re going to go for the one from your Mum first. So you want to make sure, I put my own name in there. Some people put companies’ names there and things like that. I prefer to have the name so they’ve got real recognition with me.

Then you’ve got the subject. From is probably the first read, the subject is probably the second most read. It’s really important; it’s like the headline for your email. So you want to make sure anything that hooks and draws them in is used. I like to ask a question, I like to open a loop that can only be closed by reading the rest of the email. Have you seen this… Well, I don’t know what ‘this’ is until I read your email. So I’m going to have to open your email up to find out what ‘this’ is, otherwise for the rest of the day I’m going to be walking around saying, what is ‘this’, what is ‘this’? I’m creating these little hooks to draw them in.

The other thing I like to do is make sure that you put lots of links in your email. Like I was saying, when someone is ready to make a purchase at Planet 13, I don’t say, wait, wait, wait, we need to get you in the change room first before we can go ahead and let you buy that t-shirt. When somebody is ready to take an action, let them take that action.

People are trained to click blue links. This is the way that we’re built from using web browsers and things like that. At an early age, what do we all know? You click blue underline links, that’s just what you do. So start your email with a blue underline link and you’ll get a lot of people just clicking it. Really the aim of email marketing template for me, the email’s main goal is not to sell. It’s to get them to come through to the web page that sells. Very rarely will I sell in an email. I’m selling the idea of visiting the page. Once they get to the page, I let the page do the selling.

So just keep in mind what is the objective of each step. The from gets their attention, the subject gets them to read the email, the email gets them to click through. Then make sure there are call to actions at the bottom as well.

The other thing that I do as well, you’ll write an email and then at the bottom of most emails now you’ve got the unsubscribe link, you’ve probably seen those. CAN-SPAM has required those links to be there and third party services will just shove them in. So what we do is, if someone wants to unsubscribe, I want them to unsubscribe. I’m not going to make it difficult for them but I will push it further down the page because people are trained to click blue underline links.

If I’ve got a really short email address and it’s got the unsubscribe button underneath, they might just see it and say, oh, ok, click it, unsubscribe. I want someone who wants to unsubscribe. So we just put this little dashed line right down the bottom of the email.

So I might put fifteen Enters in, then I have the dashed line underneath. Then that dashed line pushes the unsubscribe button all the way down, part way down the page.

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