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Video Transcript: Then you just want to make sure that you track everything. Tracking is key. I think you can’t improve what you don’t measure. I just started reading The 4-Hour Body, Tim Ferriss’ new book. He did The 4-Hour Work Week which was a great book and his latest one is The 4-Hour Body. It’s all about just getting the most out of your body.

One of the first things, very early on in the book, it’s all about you need to start measuring things. I don’t know what my body fat mass index is, the BMI index. I don’t know what that is. I haven’t measured those critical points around the chest and things like that. You get the length and whatever so that way you can see how much you’ve grown. I don’t know what’s in my blood, I haven’t had my blood test to know.

It’s all about strategic internet marketing, you need to first record your baselines, understand where you are, so you can see where you’re improving. Everything in life is the same, you need to start measuring before you can start improving, otherwise you don’t know what it is that you’re improving. So you need to start off by measuring what is going on in your website. To do that, just install Google Analytics, it’s free, talk to your web guy and get that installed. Then you probably want to start to set up some little goals and things like that.

It’s very easy to in Google Analytics where a goal for me might be I want someone to download my report, my SEO Manifesto. So I set up a goal in Google Analytics to say tell me how many times people visit this website. So a hundred people for this day visited the website and of those we had ten people opt in. Then I can figure out, ok, I’ve got a 10% opt in rate. Now what can I do to increase that? How can I get 15% opt in, but you need to start measuring those types of things.

Always be split testing in evaluating website performance. This is something that we’re starting to do more in terms of making our online marketing solutions credible. I’ll show you one of the ways that we’re doing it in a moment. I think it’s important and most businesses end up missing it. You need to start running tests. It’s almost like you might have two headlines on your website. One of them might be the one that you saw: To get your website found online, watch this video. Then I might try, a split test might be a website with no heading. Maybe I have the video up the top. I’ll see which one gets people to play the video more often. That’s running a split test, you run two things at the same time.

There’s the software, I’ve written the name of it there Visual Website Optimizer. It gives you the ability to run tests to find out which ones are converting best so you can start to make changes. I’ve just blocked the URLs out at the top there but what we’ve started doing is a little spreadsheet here. We’ve only just recently started doing this and I’m a little bit embarrassed to say it I suppose. Testing is one of those core things but we’re really getting into it a lot more now.

So we’ve listed some of the different websites in our website tracking task, I chose a good mix of some very quiet websites and some with a little bit more activity. We’re now starting to log, you can see the first column and it’s probably a bit small so I can get you the slides later. Top left, we talk about what are the unique visitors? Of those unique visitors, how much did we sell on that particular site in gross sales? So that first one, I’ll actually tell you, I think that first one on the far left is Ultimate Trading Systems, the one on the far left.

It might be either weekly or monthly I’m not sure off the top of my head but you can see what the unique visitors were for the, let’s say month. You can see what the gross sales are. We know it is only a $7 product so it’s quite low. Last month we got thirty-eight people who actually bought that $7 product. We also have an upsell so when they buy the product for the $7 we also say, hey, if you also want to buy the Trading Secrets Revealed you can buy it now and you get it a little bit cheaper. Of those we had, the upsells we made $842. So we sold 38 at the cheaper price, we sold 12 at the higher price.

The actual conversion rate, on the sales letter we’re converting at 2.18%. The average sale, including the upsells and that, on average, every visitor who comes who does buy is spending about $20 with us. Now that means we’ve got a revenue per user. So every revenue per unique visitor, every person who visits that website is to me worth 5c. So on average, I know my numbers, I know every person who visits that website is worth 5c to me.

So now the aim of the game becomes when can I acquire leads for 5c? Because I know my numbers I can go out there and where can I buy advertising space, where I know I can spend up to 5c? I’ll get them into my funnel and later on I’ll sell them into all of my other products. So if I can go at break even or slightly underneath break even, then I’m happy to go out there and start spending it, so I’ in a very strong position there.

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