Now, over the past week I’ve been focusing on all things SEO – in preparation of theSEOmethod3 workshop – and you know what I’ve noticed? My methods are evolving. It’s clear, you need more than classic SEO to succeed online! And it’s clear the evolution of SEO is upon us so now is the time to act.

Gone are the days of the quick buck and easy money online with traditional SEO. Sadly, many business owners have incorrectly attributed their success online to their “magical talents” rather than the fact that the internet was a new media and they were getting first mover’s advantage.

Now, competition is moving in and we’re sorting the men from the boys. We’re discovering those who have hobbies vs those who have real businesses.

The fact is, real businesses aren’t single traffic source dependant and they use multiple methods to reach and communicate with prospects and clients. You need an SEO, social media, YouTube, podcast, and blog post strategy just to keep up!

So, have you been lazy in building your businesses? And are you evolving with the changing times or going to get left behind? Something to think about.

I’ll do my best to help but you’re going to need to make an effort…

But I digress, let’s get back to the news I spotted this week:

Google comments about when to use the new links disavow tool:

What Google thinks about links from article marketing, widgets, etc.

Larry Page talks social signals {Google Plus is important}

Inside a Google data center {gives you an the idea of their scale}

Is it still smart to get keyword rich domains after the update?

TED talk: Abundance is our future {in tough times look at things differently}


And as for our news…

#1. I have a couple new travelling marketing tips videos:

Become the best at delivering your product {Berlin}:

Build your business proof {London}:

Claude Hopkins and Sliltz beer marketing {Austria}:

#2. We’ve been testing and tweaking www.melbourneSEOservices.com and we’ve increased our conversion significantly. Do you like the new look? Take a look and see what parts you can model for your website.

#3. I’ve also come to the conclusion, if you’re not doing effective video marketing, you’re getting left behind. Video works! Please, if you’re a Melbourne-based business, give me a call on 1300 662 979 and let’s see how www.melbournevideoproduction.com.au can help you get your business found online.

Here are two excellent video marketing campaigns I spotted this week:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDiZOnzajNU {Coke}
www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bpy75q2DDow {BodyForm}

Ok, that’s it for now, time to get back to it! Remember evolve or you’ll get left behind.

Your SEO Coach,

Ps. Are you on Google Plus yet? You can’t ignore it any longer and the best way to learn is to jump in and use it. Join my circle here: www.plus.google.com/u/0/104382441897627761104/posts

I’m still not getting the engagement I’d like on my profile but I’m not giving up because I know this is going to become a huge part of ranking moving forward. It’s the driver of Google’s author rank.

Are you active with your social profiles?

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