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Please note: The strategy explained below may not be considered against Facebook’s term’s of service. At the time of the recording it was a great strategy but we now advise against using it in this form. To keep on the cutting edge with what’s working now and our current strategies, it’s best to start working with us via a consult, coaching or SEO services.

Video Transcript: So the way to use a Facebook marketing strategy and use it well, one of the coaching clients, that photography client, the way that he’s used it and we’re using it very effectively is he’s running competitions where it’s about who is the cutest baby in a particular area. He’s getting people to upload their baby photos onto his Facebook page to enter the competition.

He’ll tag that photo and basically the winner is the person who gets the most amount of likes. So if your baby photo has the most amount of likes, you end up winning some free baby shoot or something like that. But what he’s doing, he’s getting all of these people to submit photos where he’ll end up tagging them in it. So what does that mean? That will appear in their feed and all their friends will start to see it and then they’ll say, I want to win this competition. They’ll tell all their friends to like that photo and then it starts to spread a bit virally.

What spreads virally on Facebook? Photos do, videos do, that’s why people hop on Facebook and start to share content. So that’s the way that you want to start to think. Then how do we make money out of that? So he’s got a little competition running, then he’s also collecting the people who enter into this competition and then he’s making follow up marketing offers to them. This is how you do it.

We’re doing some similar things with, I talked about Planet 13 and also The Dentists. This is the coaching client where we sat down, I have this coaching thing and I usually only take on, I’ve got about five clients who I do at any one point in time. I always narrow it down into one day because I’m busy building my own business, but I actually find it keeps me very sharp to work in other businesses to see what’s going on.

So in one of our coaching sessions we planned out this and this is like a strategy of what happens when someone engages in his services and in facebook and what’s the funnel, how do they flow through his business? So we either get them from facebook or the website or maybe through some joint ventures. We try and if it’s through the website, we funnel them into the autoresponder, so he’s got and autoresponder sequence going. If it’s in facebook and we generate them through one of these competitions, he follows up with a free coupon.

So basically everyone who didn’t win in this competition, he can follow that person up and say, hey, you didn’t end up winning the cutest baby competition but here is a $200 voucher off your next photo shoot when you come and get a photo with us. You get some baby photos and he’ll put together a little package. So he puts together a coupon and follows up with them after that.

Now the process once they do that, they get their coupon, they come in for a planning session, they have their shoot. Now after the shoot, what’s he got? He’s going to get an iPad, when they come in for their shoot and they’re going to check in. While they’re waiting in the waiting room, he’ll give them the iPad and just say, if you want to check in, he’ll have facebook loaded. That way they can check in and what does that do? That then appears in all of the friends’ feeds. Everybody who is a friend of this starts to say, oh, he’s off to have this photography shoot or something like that. So it starts to engage it that way.

Then he does the edit and then they come back for the viewing. What happens on the viewing? When they view, he uploads the images to facebook. Now they’ve already liked him in the previous shoot session, so he now tags them in the photo. What happens? The photo then appears in the feed, everybody says, oh, that photo shoot looks amazing. The baby looks really, really good. It starts to spread virally, engagement starts to happen.

Then we’ve got a plan, after ten or so comments, we’re going to follow up and make them an offer. He’ll say, hey, it’s XXX from XXX Company. I just thought I’d touch base and say, such and such just had a photo shoot and we’d like to give a special offer to any friends of Jamie’s. She can come in and just quote this unique code and then we’ll also give you a coupon. Then that’s new ways to start feeding into the top.

Then they’re there, he’ll make sure he grabs a testimonial from them. He’ll give them, we talked about some extra coupons that he can give away, this is like a referral strategy. So that way he has two $50 vouchers that he can give to them and they can just hand out to friends. Then when they come to pick up, they go into an autoresponder sequence. So they come for the viewing and then they actually come back when they’re printed out. He puts them into an autoresponder sequence where he follows up with them and says thanks for coming, blah, blah, blah.

The final step is he also does an Animoto which is a way for creating video content. So he takes all of the photos that he’s done on the day, loads it into this slide show, adds some audio in the background, uploads it to facebook, tags them in it and it appears again in their feed. It all happens that way.

That’s the way you should be using social media, that’s creating a strategy and that’s creating something that works. That’s what a Facebook marketing strategy is all about. It’s about video, it’s about photos, it’s about engagement, it’s about getting likes, it’s about getting people to share that content.

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Again, please note: The strategy explained above may not be considered against Facebook’s term’s of service. At the time of the recording it was a great strategy but we now advise against using it in this form. To keep on the cutting edge with what’s working now and our current strategies, it’s best to start working with us via a consult, coaching or SEO services.

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