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Fairly recently, I posted on this blog a guide to selling websites on Flippa.com. For those who haven’t been following the recent boom in this area, selling websites is back, and it is back in a big way. I’m currently acting on behalf of David Jenyns on Flippa, selling his back catalog of websites, and I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned.

Take the recent auction for www.balletdancer.org for example. Having spent two days wearing the crown on top of Flippa’s list of most active auctions, what exactly made this auction so popular? Most importantly, how can you copy our techniques? Here’s the break down…

Creating an auction on Flippa is only part of the work, what goes on behind the scenes of every auction is also a large part of what will make an auction popular. Every single site that is listed on Flippa.com gains enough interest to spawn a few inquiries, either by comments on the auction, or by messages sent through their PM system. How you handle these inquires play a bigger part than most realise. Remember those inquiries will ultimately turn into bids (if you provide the right answers) and, the more bids, the higher you move up Flippa’s most active auction list.

Now back to www.balletdancers.org – in the initial stages of this auction, bidding rose very slowly, I simply checked bidder’s feedback, then approved accordingly. We start our auctions at a low price to encourage people to make a bid and once they’ve made a bid, they get emotionally invested (one of our secrets).

A few days in people started contacting us wanting to know if the site had a Buy It Now (BIN) price, some even wanting to make an offer. For a good handful of these, I took them into Google Talk, or corresponded via my personal e-mail, and for those who made BIN offers, I simply gave them a friendly nudge in the right direction.

As I built rapport with potential buyers, then the competition started to rise, and without flattering myself, it was one of the most exciting auctions that I have seen on Flippa. 3 minutes left in the auction, and three fresh bids showed up to extend the auction. This happened on a number of occasions. In fact, I think the auction went for some 5 days longer than it was supposed to… what was interesting was that the higher up the most active board we moved, the more attention we drew.

Why did this happen? Because I translated real world sales into an online sales environment – I didn’t just set and forget. This is what makes the Flippa community so great… they encourage communication and this makes for a safe environment to buy/sell websites.

So what’s the take away here?

www.balletdancer.org on FlippaIt’s quite simple. Make sure that you are ready to talk. By this, I mean make sure that you have an account with Skype, AIM, Google Talk, and Gmail. Make yourself available to talk directly to your potential customer. Even go so far as to have a template ready for those BIN offers so that you can give them the right information as quickly as possible.

Don’t be afraid to actually talk to your customer one on one with Skype or Google Talk. Get to know them a little. Ask how they are. Ask what it is that they do. Ask them what it is that they like about the website and what their intentions are with the site, and most importantly, don’t sell too hard. When it comes to talking about the website or domain that you are selling, talk like a person, not a robot. Tell them what it is that you do. Tell them about the 500 odd other domains that you have for sale (repeat customers are the best kind of customer).

Just be honest and real 🙂

If you would like any more information about selling websites on Flippa, or even have an inquiry about any of Davids current sales on Flippa, my name is Ryan T Malone, and I am currently selling David Jenyns’ backcatalog of websites for him on Flippa.com – click here to watch our auctions

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