Being popular greatly helps.

Ranking well in Google cannot be overestimated. Not only does it bring a huge increase in traffic, if you’re number one in Google for a search term relevant to your business, your credibility is also greatly enhanced.

People have seen search engine optimization as a very complex subject, and this, coupled with the idea that there is huge competition, have made many reluctant to even try to come to terms with it all. This is good for the business owner who is willing to give it a try, because there are fewer competing players. It’s true that SEO can be a difficult subject, but there are some basic principles which can be easily mastered. You can soon start to dominate once you’ve conquered these few Google basics.

You might think it a tall order to try to learn SEO in just a couple of pages. Never fear, it is possible, and in fact, the main thrust of search engine optimization can be summed up in just two words: Be popular.

The secret Google search algorithm involves hundreds of factors, but really it comes down to the idea that the most popular websites are put at the top of the search results. The best way to achieve this top ranking is through links. The secret to linking is that you can achieve popularity for your website much more quickly and easily with a few good quality links than with hundreds of low quality links.

Let me explain. I could tell you that my best friends liked my site selling teenage clothing and accessories. That possibly wouldn’t mean very much to you. But if I told you Madonna shopped there for her teenager’s clothes, you would sit up and take notice. Why? Because she is recognized as a bit of a style icon and her opinion on clothes carries more weight.

Google works in a similar way. If my site has many links, this shows I am popular, and shows I deserve good ranking. If I have links from sites which themselves have high standing in Google, that shows I am worthy of great ranking.

There is really not much more to Google basics than that. Unless you are in a highly competitive niche, in which case you may need to do a bit more, if you follow the three steps I’m going to outline, you will soon see an improvement in your ranking and you will come to dominate your local niche.

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