Google Buzz In GmailAs I am sure you would most likely be aware already, Google buzz has arrived. So, what is this new social media application, and how can it work for you? Naturally, when something new arrives in the form of a social media application, I spend some time trying to work out how it can work for me, and for my visitors.

More social media means more social interaction, especially if you are able to talk to your visitors where they hang out. The pure genius of Google buzz is in that statement alone. Think about it for a moment. Since Google has become such a large part of our life on the web, almost everyone has a Gmail account, and out of most people online, a very large portion of them will check their e-mail at least once a day. Since Google buzz is built into your Gmail with notifications being sent directly to your inbox, if someone is following what you do on Google buzz, they are always going to be aware of what you are talking about. And unlike other social media websites, when you are logged into Gmail, you are logged into buzz, and can read a buzz with only one click.

How Can Google Buzz Work For The Webmaster?

This is where it gets a little complex, and the use of RSS comes into play. By now, if you have been using social media for some time, you might be aware of a great little service called TwitterFeed. This is a service that takes RSS feeds, and breaks them down into a format that can be delivered to Twitter, and to other services such as Ping.fm.

For those who are unaware of the standard form of the Google buzz RSS feed, here is the form of the Google buzz RSS:


In this case, you simply need to replace user with your gmail ID, test the feed in your browser, then submit this to TwitterFeed so that you can start automatically tweeting from Google buzz. Of course, you can also send notifications out to other services using Ping.fm

What Can Google Buzz Do For Me?

A lot of people at this stage will be sitting back waiting to see if this new social media platform will really take off or not. The bottom line is that if you don’t give it a shot, you are only going to be left in the back of the queue when it actually does take of. Other social media platforms have generally stayed quite separate from e-mail based services, and for Google to incorporate buzz into Gmail, this pretty much says that this is going to work well from the start.

Imagine this. You have something important to say to your followers who live on the other side of the planet and in a different time zone. With Facebook and Twitter, most people tend to look at the most recent status updates and tweets. With Google buzz, they are siting right in your inbox ready for attention to be paid.

Along with this, you can also add connected sites to Google buzz so that if your site updates, it can automatically be fed into your buzz feed for others to find. This is included in your profile setup.

How Can I Start Using Google Buzz?

Buzz is still in the roll out stage, meaning that it is not available to everyone just yet. When it is ready for you, you will be asked when you sign into Gmail if you would like to start buzzing. Simply agree, and you will notice that your buzz will appear underneath your inbox link.

So, are you convinced of the potential of Google buzz yet? If so, do yourself a favor and start buzzing!

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