Google Instant – Search Results pages in a snap.

With the launch of Google Instant, it’s fun to ponder how this might affect SEO – particularly the long tail of search. Of course it’s still too early to tell definitively, but we can make some educated guesses.

Upon first impressions, the way Google Instant search works, it seems likely that the long tail search will be affected – here’s why. As you type in your query, Google Instant immediately serves up results which it thinks are the most relevant even before you have finished typing.

As SEOers, over time we have come to realize the benefit of targeting long tail keyword searches. But, if Google Instant search is serving up results as people are typing in their query, the question is, “Will they get what they’re looking for more quickly?” Website surfers (you and me) are trained to click on blue underlined links, so if we’re given the opportunity to click these before we finish typing our query, would we click it?

This makes it even more important to be number one for as many queries as possible. If you’ve optimized for only eight keyword phrases, now is the time to increase that significantly! The way we look at it is, the more pages you’ve applied keyword optimization on, the more tickets you have in the search engine lottery. When you think about it, of course you want as many chances as possible to come up when people are typing in their query!

And while I’ve got my prediction hat on…

Personal search, although this hasn’t greatly affected search engine results as yet, I feel that this is likely to happen more and more in the near future. Have you noticed, if you’re signed into your Google account, your search engine results will vary slightly? Google is serving up the results based on what they believe you consider the most important.

Just some food for thought. If you’re keen to feed your brain some more, you really need to start watching our videos on www.youtube.com/theSEOmethod. You may also contact our SEO company Melbourne. We might be able to help with your online marketing.

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