Here it is… SBIM Weekly! The summary of news and helpful links for small/medium sized business owners. We scour the internet to keep you on top of what’s important to you and your business.

In this week’s issue, let’s take a look at several updates from Google and more.

1. Google+ for businesses – be ready to jump on this

2. What is cloaking and does Google like it? – black hat SEO = bad

3. Google TV update – watch this space – Google TV is the future of the web

4. Fresher more recent search results – Google mixes up the game again

5. Google business view: street view – how long it will be before this makes it to Australia?

6. Smart phones now over 50% for under 44 crowd – mobile is the future

7. Pricing experiments you can learn from – a fantastic article

8. Internet marketing business plan for small business – great 6 minute video

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