It needn’t be a personal search.

Have you ever wondered if Google personalized search really affects the search engine results page? That is to say, if one person is logged into their account, are they going to see a dramatically different results page to someone who is not logged into their own account?

From the testing we’ve done at Melbourne SEO Services we haven’t found this to be the case. At this point in time, any differences appear to be minimal. The one exception being if it’s your own website, or another page that you visit regularly. With these pages, often they are pushed to the top of the SERPs.

There is a way you can see this for yourself. At the end of your normal SERPs URL, you can add ‘&pws=0’ and this will depersonalize the results. So, log into your account, run a search and add that small piece of code at the end of the URL and see what changes.

In short, don’t believe the hype that position #1 doesn’t mean anything anymore because everyone is seeing different SERPs. This isn’t the case.

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