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Ever typed your company name into Google and seen what comes back at you? Does it include your Google Places page details? Are the title and descriptions looking how they should? Is there any video or pictures in the results?

It’s a good exercise for any online business to do, because it will show you what others are seeing when they are searching for your keyword phrases or your company name.

A Well-Optimised Listing

We have already optimised our Google Places page so if you would like a benchmark of what an optimised listing should look like type “Melbourne SEO Services” into Google.

The first thing you will see is a title link (meta tag) to the home page that summarises our business and includes a main keyword phrase:

#1 Melbourne SEO Services Company

Underneath that you see the meta description, which adds some more detail about your core business and will include a couple of your most important keywords:

Want your website to be in position #1 on Google? Melbourne SEO Services will show you how with their transparent 4 stage search engine optimisation…

Next is Google reviews – you will see we currently have 10 of these and we average 5 stars. This gives us instant credibility with browsers who are looking for SEO services.

Following that you get our Google Places listing details – so you can see how prominent they are in the search results and how they integrate into the main information about your business displayed by Google; it puts a lot of stock into your Google Places page so it’s important to get the information correct and as detailed as possible.

You will see our address, phone number, then a selection of pages from our main site and pictures and videos too.

Owning The Space

We’re not going too far to say that Melbourne SEO Services completely OWNS the space on the results page for that search term.

Not only do we have text and links to location maps but we have images and video links. This helps us position our business and tells the viewer instantly what we do without them even having to read anything; it also helps to give us authority – and we all know by now what an important commodity that is for an online business.

Doing The Basics

It’s important for your business to be doing this too- taking time to optimise your titles, descriptions and Google Places listing is important work – in fact it’s basic, and just by following these basics you will be ahead of most of the chasing pack of businesses that don’t get the basics right.

Go through all details on your Google Places page, once you have claimed your listing and verified that you are the owner of the business.

Log in and fill in all contact details, write a description with a call to action (don’t overload it with keywords as this may be a red flag to Google), complete your business categories, service areas, opening hours, payment options and any additional details, plus try to embed some video links and add images.

Encourage ratings and reviews from your customers – don’t worry if there are any bad reviews – just make sure that you get enough good ones to make the bad one(s) insignificant.

You will be amazed how easy all of the above is and how it instantly improves how your listing looks in search results. We cover many more SEO and business start up strategies in our Competition Crusher workshop available for FREE by clicking here.

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