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We’re moving the studio – read this post to find out where.

I hope you had a rockin’ 2015 and you’re now ready to take on 2016. I’m curious, what are you going to do differently this year? Have you got any goals you’re willing to share? I’d love to hear them.

I could be like an accountability partner.

I also wanted to let everybody know that our prices are going up across the board. Monthly SEO, web video, web builds and even SEO starter packs. If you’re keen to save a few hundred bucks and get your website sorted for 2016 – let me know.

I’m happy to hook you up before the price rise! This might end up saving you anywhere from a few hundred bucks to a few thousand. Typically speaking, the best place to start is with our SEO Starter Pack, they’re currently $1495 (soon to be $1695). You can find out a little more about those here:


Don’t miss out on another year of opportunity – make 2016 your year. While I have you, I also spotted a couple of interesting things you might like to check out:

google plus local

And how about our news?

  • We sold out of the yearly systemHUB.com founder’s memberships. In hindsight, a week out from Christmas probably wasn’t the best time to launch but it did identify those who were serious about turning their business into a machine that works without them.
    Keep an eye out over the next month since we’ll open up our monthly packages next!
  • To Snapchat or not to Snapchat. There’s a bit of a buzz around Snapchat at the moment and some marketers are saying it’s about to go ‘mainstream’ like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.
    I’m not 100% convinced it’ll be right for me since I hate creating single use content… I’m a repurposing guy and the thought of making videos that last for 24 hours just doesn’t sit right with me. Does that mean the platform won’t take off? Nope. It probably will, but it’s just not right for me. You’ve got to play to your strengths.
  • We’re moving our studio to South Yarra this week… into a co-working space called Revolver Creative. Pop in and say “hi” if you’re in the area. Google it 😉
  • We’re putting the finishing touches on a new 20 point authority website checklist PDF. Let me know if you want a copy.

Sweet. Anyway, we’ve got a big year ahead of us, so it’s time to get to work!!

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