Before we get into this week’s internet marketing updates, my team put together a real cool video outlining the process for creating web videos. Check it out here:

How are you? Have you been keeping up to date with what’s news in the world of SEO and online marketing? As a business owner, you’ve got to keep up or you’ll be left behind.

If you’re finding it hard, no sweat, I’ve been keeping an eye out for you 🙂

I’ve posted the most important news from the last few weeks below. But before we get to that…

I wanted to ask, would you be keen to do some SEO work with myself and the MelbSEO team? We’ve been getting lots of work for our Authority Content process and we need a few extra people who can help out.

I thought you might be familiar with the process, so you might be keen? Basically, I need someone who can watch a video, identify where it’s good to break into smaller pieces, do some keyword research and then write some title tags and descriptions.

Basically I’m looking for a rockstar at keyword research, writing and have some marketing skills. As a trial task, we’ll get you to review our recent systemHUB live workshop and cut that up to prepare it for syndication.

It’s a great way to get paid to learn 🙂 Anyway, just a thought… reach out to me if you’re keen. Now, back to the news from the past couple of weeks:

And how about our news?

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