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Video Transcript: The other thing about creating great landing pages and why it is so important is the biggest hurdle that anyone has doing business with a company online, is believing what it is that you have to say. Constantly you’ve got these questions circling around in your head: can I trust them?  Is this going to work for me? Is this product going to solve my problem? If it doesn’t solve my problem, then what do I do? Can I believe this person?

Really that is what landing page optimization is all about: making it so that when they come there they feel confident and they feel like they can trust you and then that is going to ultimately cause them to take the action that you want. Great landing pages say, yes, you can trust me, here’s what I can offer you and then you’ll tell them what to do next. Because they trust you and you tell them what you’re going to give them, they’ll take that next action.

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