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Video Transcript: How do you actually find A players? We use a method we call the George Foreman method. The reason we call it the George Foreman method is because you give them a really good grilling. The way that you do it is, firstly you’ve got to know who it is you’re looking for. Who is an A player, what is it that makes them an A player? Get really clear on the type of person you’re looking for. By drawing out these maps that I talked about, you’ll have an easy time hiring employees.

Then you want to make sure that you write an ad that hooks them. This is again where sales comes into it. When I wrote an ad on Seek just recently for the position that Sally just filled, we had well over a hundred applicants come through our process and apply for that position. We whittled it down to the cream of the crop and you’re looking at the cream right over there.

That process, it came about writing an ad that spoke to the person who we were looking to hire. When we hired Adrian and we sat down with Ben, the other video guy who was there before Adrian and we talked about, well, what is important to someone who is making video? They want to make sure that they’re making videos that are going to get seen on a worldwide audience.

So I wrote that into the ad: if you’re someone interested in video who is looking to learn how to use web video because it is the way of the future and you want to get a worldwide audience and get your material seen all around the world, then you better read this ad because you might have found what it is that you’re looking for. That’s how we opened it. So you want to make sure that you write those ads correctly.

Then we advertised the position. After we advertised it, we’ve just shifted something recently and it’s working really well for us. Rather than getting people to send in different resumes, we send them straight from the job ad to go ahead and fill out a survey. They go and fill out a twenty minute survey first. What does that do? That means we don’t have to look through all of the resumes that come through because a whole lot of people are just going to disqualify themselves because they won’t take the time or make the effort to fill out the survey.

The person who won’t fill out the survey isn’t an A player anyway, so I don’t want them. So that’s a good thing. Of the people who do fill it out, a lot of people might not fill out all of the questions. Ok, if you can’t be bothered with something as easy as filling out a survey, then chances are when you come through to actually doing the job, you’re probably going to let other things slide as well. So having that questionnaire up front has worked really well for us for the purpose of hiring employees.

Then after that we get then to send in a resume. We pre-screen the resumes and look for certain attributes. Early on I used to take people on who hadn’t had any experience but now I really like people who have had at least had some experience. It just makes it easier to work with. Then we get them to complete a small task.

So if you imagine each step of this, we run a job ad, we get lots of applicants. Then we pre-screen it, then we ask them to do a small task. This is before they even get to an interview. So I sent Sally an email and said, can you write an email? We’ve got a client who is having trouble playing some DVDs. Can you write him an email and what would you say to him? Sally wrote up that email. We said, we’re running a workshop, can you put together a spreadsheet? There were just a few small easy tasks. It’s not meant to be complicated or anything like that, it’s just to see how they go with the small things.

Sally, I think one of the things that made yours stand out, there was very good attention to detail. It looked like she’d actually thought through it. I think with the email that you’d sent, you put it almost like on a Melbourne SEO letterhead, coloured the S and the E and the O, and we said, oh, that’s good attention to detail.

Then the final stage is interviewing and we do that Top Grading style. There’s a good book if you haven’t read it by Brad Smart called Top Grading. It’s all about how to interview. The long and the short of it is you want to make sure when you interview people, you interview them to find out about their history and their past. You’ll often find people have recurring themes.

If you interviewed someone and they said, I used to work at this place. The reason I left was the boss was absolutely terrible, he was always on my back. The next job, they say, oh, yes I worked here. So why did you end up leaving that job? Oh, you wouldn’t believe it, the boss there, he was so terrible, he was always on my back. Then ok, you moved onto this new position, so why did you leave there? It’s the same recurring thing. They don’t notice it when going through but it’s quite obvious when someone has this same recurring theme.

The problem isn’t necessarily the job, there is a good chance that they are the problem and they just keep on going to the same problem. We have three people, Ad and Ben were in there. Usually it’s one person doing the interviewing, asking the questions and then one person who is scribing and writing down answers and things like that. So that way I can focus on the questions and the scribe can focus on making sure that they get all the answers down and things like that.

If you imagine, that’s a massive filtering process and that’s how you get A players and it’s how you’ll grow your business incredibly quickly.

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